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The clearest proof yet that your job is killing you

For decades now, the modern worker has been urged to slow down, chill out, de-stress. Doctors link long shifts and on-the-job anxiety to high blood pressure, heart disease, depression and stroke. Many believe the consequences can be fatal. In Japan, the government compensates families who lose loved ones to employment-related exhaustion or suicide. The Japanese call this phenomenon karoshi, or death by overwork.


You can find more than books at library

So often I hear even frequent library customers say “I didn’t know you had that!” when I tell them about a new resource we offer, or a cool event taking place. And I can’t help but wonder how surprised people who have not visited the library in years would be if they knew of some of the services and programs the Manatee County Library system provides. Libraries have become lively community centers promoting learning, creativity, personal and professional growth, and just plain fun.


Celebrating Sarasota author John D. MacDonald’s 100th birthday

Sarasota’s most famous author, John D. MacDonald (July 24, 1916-Dec. 28, 1986), would have turned 100 today. He was the choice for this year’s “One Book One Community” program in which the local communities read the same book and then participate in book discussions and related events. (In fact, Selby Public Library in Sarasota is planning an all-day John D. MacDonald Centennial Birthday celebration today.)


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Arthur Kopit comes to Sarasota

Playwright Arthur Kopit, who wrote ‘Nine’ and ‘Phantom,’ will be in Sarasota on Oct. 30 for a talk and a dinner. Plus: Pokémon Go comes to McKechnie, a Sarasota dancer lands his dream job and a Sarasota family is set to star in a Disney commercial.

Movie News & Reviews

Movie review: Hit-and-miss 'Bad Moms' tries to offer Mila Kunis and Co. a good night out

It's a peculiar bit of Hollywood logic, having the two guys who wrote "The Hangover" write and direct a movie called "Bad Moms." As if by some transitive property of film comedy, their having written a smash hit of men being oblivious, immature and reckless somehow makes Jon Lucas and Scott Moore the ideal candidates to explore the difficulties modern mothers face to balance conflicting responsibilities with the need to remain individualized people too.


Interview: Jenna Ortega adds voicing Disney's Princess Isabel to her repertoire

When we first found out that we were meeting Jenna Ortega, we were so excited. She has to be one of the hardest working actresses around! She is working on four shows right now and we think that is unbelievable: Disney Channel's "Stuck in the Middle," The CW's "Jane the Virgin," Disney's new animated series, "Elena of Avalor" and Radio City Music Hall's "New York Spectacular at Radio City."


What to pack in your Fourth of July picnic basket

If you’re not making your own hummus yet, you need to start. Now. It’s so easy and so much better than anything you can buy.
Max Faulkner Fort Worth Star-Telegram
What to pack in your Fourth of July picnic basket 6:19

What to pack in your Fourth of July picnic basket

Finding Dory movie clip: Jewel of Morro Bay, California 1:03

Finding Dory movie clip: Jewel of Morro Bay, California

How to video on de-heading and cleaning shrimp for cooking 0:53

How to video on de-heading and cleaning shrimp for cooking

How to make the perfect mint julep 0:38

How to make the perfect mint julep