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Real estate Q&A: Military tenant broke lease because she was transferred overseas. Can I sue?

Q: I was renting a furnished house for short-term (vacation) rentals. A few months ago, I was approached by an agent who made me a very favorable offer to rent the home annually. We signed a lease, and I got rid of all of the furniture because they had their own. Now the season is upon us, and I was told just before the move-in date that the tenant is in the military and got transferred overseas so they will not be moving in. I am out a lot of money because of this. Can I sue? – Haythem


The Mortgage Professor: Our pension system needs fixing

The private pension system in the United States is in transition from defined-benefit plans to defined-contribution plans. On balance, this may be a step in the wrong direction. The jury is still out, however, and much will depend on how defined-contribution plans evolve in the future.