Your car knows a lot about you – and it’s telling others

Newer cars that connect to the internet can collect vast amounts of data about drivers and share it with the car companies. A new report says that data could be worth $450 billion to $750 billion globally by 2030 as automakers, insurers, high-tech firms, city planners and advertisers are among those who could use data to refine services.

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Matthew becomes a hurricane

Tropical Storm Matthew strengthened to a hurricane Thursday afternoon. Forecast tracks take the storm across Cuba, but National Hurricane Center forecasters warn a good deal of uncertainty remains beyond three days.


Herald recommends no vote on Florida's Amendment 1, a solar energy initiative pushed by utilities

When waging a political campaign to gain some sort of advantage, truth in advertising ranks as a pesky hindrance to achieving the goal. In this case, witness the misleading epithet that the powerful utility industry conceived to peddle Amendment 1: Consumers for Smart Solar. Should there be truth in advertising on this, an accurate campaign title would be: Utilities for a Stronger Monopoly on Power.


Creepy clown sightings: Police are not laughing at ‘national prank’

Sightings and online reports of scary clowns across the country — some real, many fake — are keeping law enforcement officials busy nationwide. Some are frustrated with spending time and resources checking out wild rumors of clowns skulking about, chasing people with knives, tapping on windows, luring children into the woods and threatening schools.


First it was Samsung phones. Now it’s exploding Samsung washing machines

Some Samsung washing machines, a lawsuit alleges, vibrate violently under heavy loads causing the tub to “become unfastened, resulting in a dramatic centrifugal explosion that destroys the machine and nearby property.” The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission issued a statement about “safety issues” with Samsung washers. The warning comes weeks after Samsung recalled its Galaxy Note 7 cellphone after the gadget began exploding in consumers’ pockets, vehicles and airplanes.


Huge shark hauled in out of the Atlantic Ocean

A charter boat captain on Hilton Head Island hauled in a 13-foot, 1,000-pound tiger shark about two miles off the north end of the island on Sept. 28, 2016. Captain Chip Michalove, of Outcast Sport Fishing, and crew tagged and released the shark, Michalove said Wednesday afternoon. He also took a "fin clipping" for DNA to give to scientists, he added.
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Huge shark hauled in out of the Atlantic Ocean 0:43

Huge shark hauled in out of the Atlantic Ocean

Bradenton splash pad to reopen 0:25

Bradenton splash pad to reopen

Whose job is it to save the beach? 4:22

Whose job is it to save the beach?

 For one pilot hot air ballooning is a passion 1:39

For one pilot hot air ballooning is a passion