Dirty dining: Roaches, flying insects prompt closure of Bradenton restaurant

According to the latest inspections report of Manatee County restaurants, RJ Gator’s of Bradenton was temporarily closed for more than a day after inspectors observed flying insects and roaches on the premises.

Other restaurants were cited for storing foods at unsafe temperatures and not properly sanitizing utensils and equipment.

RJ Gator’s of Bradenton, 6100 Cortez Road W., Bradenton

  • An inspector ordered that RJ Gator’s of Bradenton be temporarily closed on Jan. 9 after observing live flying insects and roach activity on the premises.

  • There were approximately 40 flying insects in the dry storage and mop sink area, approximately 20 in the warewashing area and approximately five in the bar area.

  • An inspector observed six live roaches throughout food storage and preparation areas.

  • There were four dead roaches on the cook line near the fryer area and one dead roach at a walk-in cooler.

  • The exterior door had a gap at the threshold that opened to the outside.

  • Cutting boards were soiled and no longer easily cleanable.

  • A can of food was dented at the seal. A stop sale was issued.

  • The inside of a walk-in cooler and walk-in freezer was soiled.

  • Multiple employees were engaged in food preparation with no hair restraint. One cook with a beard had no beard guard.

  • Boxes of food were stored on the floor of a walk-in freezer. Corrective action was taken.

  • There was a build-up of grease in multiple areas.

  • During a follow-up inspection on Jan. 10, an inspector observed two live roaches on reach-in cooler cutting boards at the cook line. Two dead roaches were observed. There was one flying insect in a dry storage area and one flying insect in the warewashing area. During a second follow-up inspection on Jan. 10, an inspector observed another flying insect. The restaurant remained temporarily closed.

  • The establishment met inspection standards on Jan. 11 and was allowed to reopen.

Pupuseria Y Taqueria Cristelle, 5507 14th St. W., Bradenton (food truck)

  • Shredded mozzarella was cold held at a temperature greater than 41 degrees.

  • Food was stored on the floor underneath a preparation table.

  • No handwashing sign was provided at a sink used by food employees.

  • A handwash sink was not accesiblee for employee use due to items stored in the sink. Corrective action was taken.

  • Hot water was not provided or shut off at the employee handwash sink.

  • There was no proof of required training for any employees.

  • Pastor was not properly date-marked.

  • A wet wiping cloth was not stored in sanitizing solution in between uses.

  • Trays of eggs were being held at room temperature greater than 45 degrees.

Little Caesars, 4919 14th St. W., Bradenton

  • An the establishment previously cited for flying insects in November, an inspector observed one flying insect in the warewashing area during a follow-up inspection.

Kelsey’s on Cortez, 7020 Cortez Road W., Bradenton

  • An inspector observed grease build-up on the wall, floor and equipment at the cook line area.

  • There was standing water in the bottom of a reach-in cooler on the prep line.

  • An employee drink was stored on a food preparation table. Corrective action was taken.

  • Coleslaw was cold held overnight at a temperature greater than 41 degrees.

  • There was no test kit at hand to properly measure the concentration of sanitizer used for wiping cloths and in a dish machine.

Don Beto Jaimes Restaurant, 6320 15th St. E., Sarasota

  • After a previous citation for not properly sanitizing equipment or utensils, a dish washer was again observed improperly sanitizing dishes during a follow-up inspection.

  • There was no currently certified food service manager on duty while four or more employees were engaged in food preparation/handling.

My AMI, 9906 Gulf Dr., Anna Maria

  • Food was not stored at least six inches off of the floor in a dry storage area. Corrective action was taken.

  • An inspector observed living/sleeping quarters that opened directly into the food service establishment without complete partitioning and/or self-closing doors. A cot, clothes and suitcase were observed in a dry storage area. Corrective action was taken.

  • Food was observed cooling on a counter where customers sit and unprotected from contamination. Corrective action was taken.

  • Raw salmon was cold held overnight at a temperature greater than 41 degrees. A stop sale was issued and the fish was discarded.

Editor’s Note: According to the Florida Department of Business & Professional Regulation, these reports are a “snapshot” of the conditions present at the time of the inspection and are public record. The agency is required to inspect every licensed restaurant at least once per year, but new and “high-risk” establishments tend to be inspected more frequently.

When an emergency shutdown order is given by an inspector, it must first be reviewed and approved by agency supervisors. In order for a business to reopen, an inspector will continue visiting the establishment daily until compliance is met. Some citations may include a financial penalty. Inspectors may also respond to complaints, which can be filed here.

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