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Letters to the editor display ignorance about guns and gun rights | Letter to the editor

I have been reading all the Letters to the Editor in Sunday’s newspaper, and I am not impressed with the ignorance.

The AR-15 has mistakenly been branded an “assault rifle,” when in fact it is a sporting rifle that shoots one round at a time. As far as gun crime goes, the AR-15 is used in 0.7 percent of the gun crimes in America, less than 1 percent! All these politicians, Democrats and Republican trying to make points are not going to solve anything and the AR-15 will never be banned. The Supreme Court has already ruled that the AR-15 is a common use rifle and is legal to own.

I agree we do not need fully automatic rifles that can be called assault weapons. The majority of law-abiding citizens do no trust the government to protect us from harm. The southern border has more gang members and terrorists breaking into our country ,bringing with them all kinds of weapons. Our homes are being broken into by illegal aliens; kids and women being kidnapped; sex trafficking on the rise.

Mr. Burton McDaniel of Sun City Center, you might trust the government, but millions of us out here do not. Law-abiding citizens are fed up with losing our constitutional rights! The 2nd amendment protects the 1st amendment.

These red flag laws sound great on paper, but Hitler used the same idea. Adolph Hitler called for national gun registration, then had snitches call out citizens that hid their guns, arrested them, then confiscated all their guns. The 2nd amendment was designed for self preservation against all enemies, criminals and an oppressive government.

As long as we have guns the government fears us. If we allow ourselves to be disarmed we become subjects and slaves. Not happening! Thank the good Lord we have a county sheriff that believes in the 2nd Amendment.

Mike McLeod


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