Letters to the Editor

‘No civilian needs assault weapons’ | Letter to the editor

As I read the newspaper and listen to the television news I hear the tragic news about the shootings in El Paso and Ohio. It is easy to see the United States has become a violent country.

People have complained and protested about the use of assault weapons and the flimsy excuse the politicians and the NRA use, is it’s against the 2nd Amendment. Prohibiting assault weapons and repeating revolvers would not be against the 2nd Amendment. People could still bear arms such as rifles and hand guns.

The only people who should have assault weapons is the military, NOT the civilians. No matter what excuse is being stated, No civilian needs assault weapons.

Just think, when this subject first began we may not have had these tragic happenings.

I also believe, if we did not have lobbyists we would not have all the problems we have today.

What do you think?

Burton McDaniel

Sun City Center