Don’t swim in Palma Sola Bay, state says. There is poop in the water

The Florida Department of Health in Manatee County has issued a no-swim advisory for Palma Sola Beach South after testing showed an “elevated level,” of the enteroccoci bacteria.

The bacteria is often associated with the presence of feces from humans or animals, but also can be naturally occurring, according to health officials.

According to a press release from Manatee health officials, the test results were received on Aug. 12 and Aug. 13. The no-swim advisory was issued Thursday afternoon.

Palma Sola Beach South has a history of being plagued with similar no-swim advisories. The most previous one was in July of last year.

The city of Bradenton recebtly installed a new 1-mile, 12-inch force main line in the area. This is the first no-swim advisory since the project was completed.

There are currently no other such advisories in place for Manatee County.

Also, Sarasota health officials have issued their second no-swim advisory in less than two weeks due to the presence of the feces-related bacteria.

Just two weeks after issuing an advisory for North Jetty Beach, which has since been lifted, health officials issued ad advisory for Blind Pass Beach. Health officials had the results of the test on Wednesday but did not issue the advisory until Thursday afternoon.

The results indicated the presence of the bacteria was “outside acceptable limits,” according to a press release.

Health officials in both counties will retest the impacted areas on Friday and provide an update.

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