IMG Academy LLC files permit for $12.5 million building

IMG Academy LLC applied for a $12.5 million permit in mid-April to build a new residential building on its campus.

The permit application specifies that the building will be three stories, but an IMG Academy spokesman said it will be a five-story dorm. The new building will be similar in structure and design to Ascender Hall East, the current five-story, 250-room dorm, he said, and will be constructed on land south of the two Ascender halls.

Ascender Halls east and west combined hold more than 800 students in dorm-style living. An IMG spokesman confirmed that the two dormitory-style buildings are the only residential buildings on the IMG campus that are used for student housing. Ascender Hall has a common room and a recreation room, a snack bar, a mail room, study rooms and laundry rooms, according to the IMG website.

There’s no exact unit count for the new dorm building, but “at present we’re able to accommodate just over 800 students. This will give us the capacity to accommodate just over 500 more,” the spokesman said.

Without disclosing specific year-to-year figures, he said increasing enrollment necessitates new student housing.

IMG Academy has several variants of residential housing located on campus, including for students, visiting teams, visiting adults during sports performance camps as well as other privately owned housing.

The application also reveals that the permit will be under Manatee County’s rapid response time line, meaning the typical permit and response process will be about a week shorter than the usual three weeks.

IMG Academy has what Manatee County economic development official Karen Stewart called a “blanket” rapid rapid response for all of its projects, meaning the school doesn’t have to apply for rapid response for each individual project.

“We do that with Feld (Entertainment), Air Products and some of the other larger companies,” she said Tuesday.

Within the past three years, IMG Academy, an athletic prep school located in West Bradenton, added a campus center, a field house, a residence hall, an academic building and a baseball complex. In March the school began the permitting process for building a 150-room, five-story hotel on campus.

Janelle O’Dea: 941-745-7095, @jayohday