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Don’t ‘feel sorry’ for Trump. Feel sorry for America | Letter to the editor

A recent letter-writer praised President Donald Trump and stated that she would vote for him again. She says she feels sorry for him. I would like to state my case.

Businessmen do not make good presidents because government’s purpose is not to make a profit; it is to promote justice and the welfare of the people. To do this means to resolve disputes, not create them, and to create opportunities for people without resources so they can learn and advance.

Mr. Trump threatens tariffs on Mexico to force them to handle the immigration issue. Instead of punishing Mexico, why doesn’t he punish the elites who are enslaving the people in the countries the immigrants are coming from?

He wants to eliminate Obamacare, pulls out of the Paris Climate Accord, and overturns rules for the environment, all of which put our health in jeopardy. He pushes through a huge tax cut for the filthy rich and further increases our national debt.

He pulls out of a secure nuclear treaty with Iran and then fabricates a threat from Iran. He is pushed around by Israel’s Prime Minister Netanyahu to do its dirty work, thereby threatening another Middle East war which will put American soldiers’ lives at risk again. He stops both humanitarian aid for Palestinian refugees and funds for an Israeli-Palestinian dialogue.

He cuts off travel to Cuba and thereby restricts the freedom of Americans to travel to Cuba and penalizes small Cuban businesses for no good reason except to satisfy a few rich ex-Cuban campaign contributors.

Mr. Trump is acting for himself alone, either for re-election funds or for his business after he leaves office. Soon he will have us physically fighting ourselves and will ultimately ruin America.

I don’t feel sorry for Mr. Trump. I feel sorry for us.

John Steinmeyer


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