Man killed by deputy said, ‘I have a gun for you,’ sheriff says. But cops haven’t found it

Manatee sheriff details fatal deputy-involved shooting

Manatee Sheriff Rick Wells detailed the moments leading up to a deputy shooting a suspect dead, after the man said, "I have a gun for you."
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Manatee Sheriff Rick Wells detailed the moments leading up to a deputy shooting a suspect dead, after the man said, "I have a gun for you."

A Bradenton man told a deputy he had a gun several times before that deputy shot and fatally wounded him, Manatee County Sheriff’s officials report.

Investigators are still searching for a gun.

Corey Mobley, 38, apparently was not carrying a weapon when he was shot, Sheriff Rick Wells said. On Wednesday, investigators used metal detectors in their search for possible evidence.

Deputies and at least three other witnesses reported hearing Mobley tell the deputy, “I have a gun for you (expletive)” multiple times, Wells said during a news conference Wednesday morning.

Corey Mobley
Corey Mobley Provided photo

The name of the veteran deputy who shot Mobley has not yet been released by the sheriff’s office. He has been placed on paid administrative leave while the shooting is being investigated.

At about 9:20 p.m. Tuesday, deputies responded to the Marathon gas station at 2927 Cortez Road in Bradenton after a 911 caller reported a man beating a woman in the parking lot. When deputies arrived they were told that the man, later identified as Mobley, had driven off quickly, heading south on 30th Street West.

Mobley and his vehicle were found heading south on U.S. 41 near Pearl Avenue but when a deputy attempted to stop him, Mobley sped off, according to Wells.

By 9:27 p.m., two more deputies had spotted Mobley pulling into the 6300 block of Sixth Street West in Bradenton.

The two deputies, dressed in plain clothes but wearing tactical gear, identified themselves and approached Mobley but he took off running, Wells said. The deputies ran after Mobley as he jumped over fences and ran across the backyards of several homes.

As deputies pursued Mobley, they warned residents of what was going on.

“We actually had one resident that tried to reach out and grab Mr. Mobley and was only able to grab his jacket,” Wells said.

Mobley’s jacket came off and he kept running, the sheriff said.

A K-9 at the scene was able to track Mobley to the other side of a 6-foot-high wooden fence. The K-9 went over the fence first, and as the K-9 deputy climbed over the fence, he could hear the K-9 engaging with Mobley.

That was when Mobley said, “I have a gun for you (expletive),” Wells said.

The deputy pulled his firearm and ordered Mobley to show him his hands, but Mobley put his hands in his waistband and repeatedly said, “I have a gun,” Wells said.

“The deputy then, at that time in fear for his safety, fires two shots,” Wells said.

Mobley dropped to the ground, according to the sheriff, but got right back up and again told the deputy he had a gun.

“The deputy again fires two shots and Mr. Mobley falls to the ground and we immediately check his vitals and begin CPR and doing what we could to save his life,” Wells said.

Mobley was taken to Sarasota Memorial Hospital, where he died.

mobley facebook
A Facebook group of Southeast High School alumni share a photo and the news of Corey Mobley’s death.

Thure Wegener, a part-time clerk at the Marathon gas station, was standing outside the station when he heard a woman screaming.

“All you heard was a girl screaming, ‘No daddy. No daddy. No daddy,” Wegener said.

Another woman came out of the store just then, he said, and she screamed, “You get off of her!” and ran across the parking lot. Two other unknown women and an unknown man who were at a gas pump also came to the victim’s aid, he said.

Cell phone video released by the sheriff’s office Wednesday shows the assault that occurred at the Marathon gas station. Mobley can be seen standing outside the driver’s window of a car and pulling a woman, said to be his estranged wife, by her hair. An unidentified person attempts to pull him away as the victim is screaming, and an unknown woman can be heard calling 911.

Mobley eventually lets go of his wife’s hair and is seen getting into a white Chrysler 300 and driving off.

Wegener said Mobley sped south down 30th Street West.

The couple had met at the gas station to exchange custody of their four children. One of the children attempted to intervene, according to the sheriff. None of the children were injured during the incident.

His wife has not been cooperative with the investigation, Wells said.

A child protective investigation is standard protocol when there is violence with children present.

Wells said the name of the deputy who shot Mobley would be released in the next couple days. The deputy is doing OK, he added.

“This takes a toll on you,” Wells said. “We know that he is doing OK, but he is going to get the counseling that he needs.”

Deputies were back at the scene Wednesday afternoon to continue the investigation. The sheriff’s deputies do not have body cameras, and there were no working video surveillance cameras on the Sixth Street West block to capture the shooting or moments leading up to it.

Mobley, born in Sarasota, has had a few run-ins with law enforcement in the past. Among the most recent, Mobley was arrested in March 2013 and charged with possession of a controlled substance without a prescription, possession of marijuana and possession of a new legend drug without a prescription.

He pleaded no contest to the charges and was placed on probation and in the Drug Court Intervention program in August 2013 and successfully completed his program in May 2014.

Mobley’s other arrests include for trespassing, open alcohol container and driving with a suspended license.

Herald reporter Ryan Callihan contributed to this story.

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