Contractor in downtown Bradenton marina crane collapse has been cited before

The collapse of a construction crane that killed a 45-year-old worker while working on a dock in the Twin Dolphin Marina in downtown Bradenton is under investigation by the U.S. Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety & Health Administration. Bradenton police have concluded their investigation, officially ruling the death an accident and finding no criminal wrongdoing.

No details have been released by OSHA on their investigation into the collapse, which killed Chadwick Adam Brown. As of Tuesday, the Bradenton police investigation was officially closed, however.

Largo-based All American Concrete, which has been contracted for a $5.2 million renovation and expansion of the city-owned marina, has not returned numerous calls asking for comment on the accident.

The company was fined by OSHA for safety violations after an accident in February 2011 in St. Petersburg. While two workers were working on the installation of a storm water culvert, a back hoe bucket fell into the trench, crushing one of the worker’s legs and bruising the other worker’s back.

“This employer knew OSHA’s rules with regard to excavations and trenching but chose to cut corners to save time, exposing the workers to potential injury or death,” Les Grove, OSHA’s area director in Tampa, said in a news release when the company was cited in May 2011.

The initially proposed penalties of $53,900 were later reduced to $7,000.

Just before 9:30 on Dec. 13, a team of four construction workers was working on the eastern most dock at Twin Dolphin when a crane began to give out. Brown,the foreman, tried to get out of the way but the crane arm snapped and hit the drill apparatus, which fell onto the dock trapping him underneath.

Police officers, who happened to be outside the Bradenton Police Department headquarters across the street and heard and witnessed the collapsed; fellow constructions workers, including from an adjacent project at the South Florida Museum; and others present at the marina, rushed to Brown’s aide.

Brown was still conscious and moving his head during the three or four minutes that followed, according to a police report.

After several attempts, the crowd of about 40 people were able to lift the drill apparatus high enough to pull Brown out. He fell into the water and was pulled onto the dock.

Officers began CPR until fir fighters and paramedics arrived to take over. Despite the attempts to revive him, Brown was pronounced dead about 20 minutes later.