Real Estate News

Real estate transactions July 11, 2016

$2,850,000 K2M 1 LLC to BLW Associates West LLC, Lot 3 Creekwood West Commercial, June 27.

$1,804,800 BF Wager Revocable Living Trust, Lucy F Wager Revocable Living Trust and Wager Virgil Bryce to Empire State Holding Group LLC, Pt 4-35-19, June 24.

$1,675,000 Argyros George Jr and Argyros Shannon to Kay Teresa Lee, Lot 28 Lakewood Ranch Country Club Village, June 24.

$1,400,000 Gryboski David to Rysal Enterprises LLC, Lot 41 Blk D Luana Isles, June 27.

$850,000 Conley Jeffrey A and Conley Roger P to Turner Richard E and Turner Shirley H, Pt 19-34-17, June 24.

$750,000 Nicolson Janet S to Nicolson Ian M, Lot 4 Regents Park, June 23.

$650,000 Akey Alberta Ann and Akey Donald James to Judski Roger and Roger Judski Living Trust, Pointe at Mariners Cove Unit 522, June 27.

$650,000 Berglund Amanda and Berglund Luke to Gunning Angela L and Gunning John G, Lot 14 Riverview Landings, June 27.

$646,000 Mercado Jose A and Mercado Nilda to Dombroski Audrey M and Dombroski Joseph P, Lot 20 River Place, June 27.

$599,000 Mullihan Diane K and Mullihan Michael L to Jeneral Abe Inc, Longboat Beach House Unit 402, June 23.

$592,494 Lennar Homes LLC to Handley Azadeh and Handley Matthew, Lot 214 Bridgewater, June 27.

$570,000 Perry Barbara Peters and Perry Jerry P to Woodward Chris and Woodward Tamara M, Lot 12 Bay Pines, June 23.

$557,450 Armstrong Thomas W and Wilcox L Eileen to Rogers Anita M and Rogers Peter F, Lot 7 River Wilderness, June 27.

$535,000 Fehl Ann Marie and Fehl Robert L to Smith Eric H, Mariners Cove Unit 224B, June 23.

$535,000 Wieler Kristen M and Wieler Thomas O to McCullough Beach Realty LLC, Cozy Cabana of Holmes Beach Unit 205, June 23.

$520,389 Pulte Home Corporation to Bradicich Eileen E and Bradicich Stephan W, Lot 189 Del Webb, June 23.

$515,000 3003254 Nova Scotia Limited to Winchester Gail and Winchester George, Lot 21 Country Club East at Lakewood Ranch, June 24.

$499,000 Core Azure LLC to Whipple Beverly J and Whipple Dennis L, Lot 47 Concession, June 23.

$466,550 DR Horton Inc to Genova Joseph Pio, Lot 56 Soleil West, June 23.

$464,000 West Linda A and Wood Henry M to Mueller Carrie A and Mueller Matthew A, Riverdale Revised, June 24.

$425,000 Structured Investments LLC to Haslip Cheryl, Lot 10 Knollwood, June 24.

$408,000 Shereff Denise and Shereff Michael to Fullwood Diane and Fullwood James, Lot 24 Blk B Braden River Lakes, June 24.

$402,020 WCI Communities LLC to Veerkamp Anthony David and Veerkamp Jamie L, Lot 1 Blk I Tidewater Preserve, June 23.

$400,344 CSPR Ltd to Florida Railroad Museum Inc, Bliss Addition to Parrish, June 23.

$400,000 Southern Oil Service Inc to Jongetjes Mary Chupka, Waters Edge Unit 108 S, June 24.

$397,570 WCI Communities LLC to Shrieve Deborah K and Shrieve James E, Lot 87 Tidewater Preserve, June 27.

$377,500 Morales Elizabeth J and Morales Otto to Wood Ava and Wood Robert, Lot 4110 Heritage Harbour, June 27.

$366,800 Sacks Sherri L Fox to Waters Faye G and Waters Jerry L, Bougainvillea Place, June 24.

$355,000 Espinal Carol M and Maya Carlos A to Kommineni Rama Krishna, Lot 28 Greenbrook Village, June 23.

$354,050 Headrick Doyle, Headrick Jane L, Headrick Melbourne D and Headrick Revocable Trust to Cooper Jackie S and Cooper Kipp I, Lot 93 River Wilderness, June 24.

$350,000 Day Gina M and Day William K to Breiner Jacqueline and Breiner John, Lot 158 Greyhawk Landing West, June 27.

$346,000 Solano Diana C and Solano Joseph J to Stark Curtis E and Stark Jackie L, Lot 48 Greyhawk Landing, June 24.

$340,000 Ozensel Muvakkar Atilla and Ozensel Muvakkar Tulu to Burchett Keith and Burchett Serpil, Lot 62 Flamingo Cay, June 27.

$329,000 Smith Harriat B and Smith Jan E to Henson Betty Jo and Murphy Stephen J, Lot 5 Blk D West Woods, June 23.

$317,000 CAH 2014 2 Borrower LLC to Mckinney Matthew Jr and Mckinney Renee, Lot 25 Mckinley Oaks, Lot 25 Mckinley Oaks, June 24.

$310,000 Helmer Family Living Trust and Helmer Patricia M to Witter Virginia E, Pt 4-35-22, Pt 4-35-22, June 23.

$305,000 Varga Chad Aaron and Varga Kristie to Calhoon Andrea C and Calhoon John K, Coach Homes V at River Strand Unit 7002, June 24.

$303,000 Bornhorst Melissa A and Bornhorst Michael S to Caban Belinda T and Caban Jorge, Lot 60 Harrison Ranch, June 23.

$300,000 Johnson Emil M to Wesley Doreen J, Lot 8 Blk G Glenn Lakes, June 24.

$294,900 Fletcher Christie J and Fletcher James C to Macphie Douglas J and Macphie Elaine, Lot 4 Blk 2 Village Green of Bradenton, June 23.

$292,000 Nonn Robert Calhoun, Nonn Sierstorpff Trust and Sierstorpff Janet L to Sorice Andrew P and Sorice Ashley N Gardner, Willow Lake Estates, June 24.

$290,000 Fernandez Martha J to Radcliffe Jeffrey and Radcliffe Korinn, Lot 38 Tara, June 23.

$285,000 Almeida Kelly Lee and Stout Bridgette and Stout Donald L, Lot 27 Creekside Preserve II, June 24.

$285,000 Doucette Barbara and Doucette Robert E Jr to Solomon Joan E and Solomon Paul, Lot 249 Trails, June 27.

$282,800 Adams Homes of Northwest Florida Inc to Sacks Sherri Lynn Fox, Lot 102 Woods of Moccasin Wallow, June 27.

$280,000 Letrent Karen and Letrent Thomas to Smith Betsy and Smith Jeffrey, Belle Meade, June 23.

$275,000 Arno Dave and Arno Ellen to Laudani Gladys A and Laudani Marcus T, Lot 19 Pleasant Oaks Estates, June 23.

$272,500 Mitton Gisele and Mitton Gregory to Cozzi Emilie A, Lot 510 Stoneybrook at Heritage Harbour, June 23.

$269,000 Ausborn James E and Ausborn Monica P to Magiera Walter Jr and Walter Magiera Jr Living Trust, Lot 10 Blk C Bayshore Gardens, June 23.

$265,600 Klinchongkol Niwut to Bank of America NA, Pt 36-34-19 2015-CA-000391, June 24.

$259,000 Saccoccio Dyan to Lb Key LLC, Cabana Beach Club Unit 1 2, June 23.

$256,000 Kethcart Robert W and Kethcart Teresa A to Meier Carol J and Meier James A, Villas at Wild Oak Bay Iv Unit 69A, June 24.

$256,000 Vogel Jillian and Vogel Mark to Hansapiromchok Phenkhae, Hansapiromchok Varut and Kraley Kent, Lot 128 Cooperstone, June 23.

$253,450 Adams Homes of Northwest Florida Inc to Love Donald S and Love Linda S, Lot 14 Woods of Moccasin Wallow, June 24.

$250,400 Light Janet to Light Jamie and Light Michael J, Lot 28 Silverlake, June 23.

$250,000 Welch Auda F and Welch Harry J III to Welch Harry J IV and Welch Stephanie L, Elwood Park, June 23.

$247,000 Sack Enterprises Inc to Mills Heather R and Mills Jeff L, Lot 19 Blk A 26th Street Addition, June 23.

$246,365 DR Horton Inc to Corona Gary M Jr, Lot 332 Del Tierra, June 23.

$244,250 Nationstar Mortgage LLC to Carreon Cruz Fabiola, Lot 14 Briarwood, June 23.

$240,000 Craig Paul and Craig Phyllis to Rowland Brittany and Rowland Thomas, Lot 403 Villages of Thousand Oaks Villages IV and V, June 27.

$240,000 Klukiewicz Avis M and Klukiewicz David A to Popiel Ian Andrew, Lot 23 Central Park, June 27.

$240,000 Wood Dana A and Wood Ellen T to Haney James D and Haney Joyce M, Lot 88 Covered Bridge Estates, June 24.

$237,000 Koebel Charline E and Reed Lauren Koebel to Davila Erin and Davila Sean, Lot 8 Willow Oaks, June 23.

$235,000 Evans Tommy to Rowell Jessica Cheri and Rowell Ricky L, Pt 31-33-18, June 24.

$235,000 Gill Harry J and Gill Vicki to Drumm Catherine, Martin Conrad O II, Martin Karen, Milburn Dallas, Lot 94 Riverbay Townhomes, June 27.

$235,000 Lewis Thomas L and Valent Lewis Eva to Botero William F and Valencia Olga L, Lot 67 Summerfield Village, June 23.

$229,000 Harris Luisa M and Harris William H Jr to Baita Cynthia, Lot 444 Copperstone, June 27.

$229,000 Smolinski Annette C to Finocchiaro Eric W and Finocchiaro Kathleen A, Lot 43 Central Park, June 24.

$225,000 Huynh Diep Thi to Garcia Juan, Lot 6 Blk E Sugar Ridge, June 24.

$225,000 Rowland Joel W and Rowland Melissa Joy to Litwiler Bobbie L and Litwiler Kimberly R, Lot 16 Blk F Fresh Meadows, June 24.

$223,000 Jackson Saralee, Pomeroy Marc W and Zolbert Denise to Jensen Linda Sue, Village Green of Bradenton Unit 6255, June 23.

$222,990 DR Horton Inc to Crowell Jonathan N and Crowell Rebekah, Lot 28 Willow Walk, June 23.

$221,500 Gary Shirley Ann and Shirley Ann Gary Revocable Trust to Hitchens Cathleen Daya, Shoreline Terraces IV at Perico Bay Club Unit 930, June 23.

$220,000 Greene Kristin I and Greene Robert L to Gray James Tobias, Lot 40 Creekwood, June 24.

$220,000 Macphie Douglas and Macphie Elaine to Augugliaro Joanna and Brown Maureen R, Lot 74 Village West, June 23.

$220,000 Twenty Four Twelve LLC to Edwards Family Realty Trust, Edwards Linda A and Edwards Paul R, Lot 10 Palma Sola Court, June 23.

$219,900 FV I Inc and Morgan Stanley Mortgage Capital Holdings LLC to Akbulut Anil, Lot 13 Briarwood, June 27.

$207,000 Djukic Predrag to Perkins Deborah N, Lot 29 Mamie G, June 23.

$206,000 Rogers Linda F and Rogers William H Sr to Harrington Charles William Jr, Palm View Gardens, June 24.

$202,000 GPSG LLC to Rodriguez Jason, Blk F La Selva Park, June 23.

$200,000 Sak Alessandra P and Sak Jeffrey A to Kinlaw Kelly N and Kinlaw Ronald W, Lot 14 Briarwood, June 24.

$195,000 McDonald Marilyn K and Palmer Theron Dean to Lenchik Vitaly and Sapienta Trust, Lot 20 Cordova Lakes, June 27.

$195,000 Tracy Douglas B and Tracy Janice B to Pena Francisco J, Clubside at Palm Aire Unit 7618, June 27.

$194,999 Lennar Homes LLC to Kontout Karen S and Kontout Robert J Jr, Terrace IV at River Strand Unit 2938, June 27.

$194,000 Johnson Edgar and Johnson Maritza to Bowman Jennifer A and Ingraldi Margaret J, Imperial House of Bradenton Beach Unit 14, June 24.

$192,000 Beard James E and Beard Twila E to Weinhofer John J and Weinhofer Sandra D, Terraces at Wild Oak Bay Unit 212, June 24.

$189,900 Perry George to Tilley David A Jr, Pt 21-33-21, June 23.

$187,800 John Cannon Homes Inc to Wallace Sharon C and Wallace William S, Lot 107 Country Club East at Lakewood Ranch, June 27.

$184,219 American Home Mortgage Assets Trust 2007 4 and Deutsche Bank National Trust Company to Tenerife Southwest Investments Inc, Lot 44 West Glenn, June 24.

$180,000 Neal Signature Homes LLC to Buscemi Barnard A and Buscemi Robyn R, Lot 96 Country Club East at Lakewood Ranch, June 23.

$176,000 OK Willow Walk LLC to D R Horton Inc, Willow Walk, June 23.

$175,000 UBA Realty LLC to Wetzel Alyssa Danielle and Wetzel David Lewis Jr, Lot 10 Blk D Bayshore Gardens, June 23.

$170,500 Mundy Christopher M and Mundy Michelle Lynn to Ivin Amy and Ivin David, Green Acres, June 23.

$170,000 Bailey Rachel L to Sellars Pamela S, Lot 49 Blk A Braden River Lakes, June 23.

$170,000 Mills Carol A and Mills Wallace F to Fletcher Christie J and Fletcher James C, Villas at Pinebrook Unit 8, June 23.

$165,000 Jessen Doreen Jean and Romine Lynn Marie to Weaver William K V, Lot 15 Coral Heights, June 23.

$165,000 Mendez Cristobal De Jesus to Garcia Rivera Gilberto and Lozano Regina Contreras, Lot 10 Blk B 26th Street Addition, June 23.

$165,000 SLV II CCE Venture LP to John Cannon Homes Inc, Lot 107 Country Club East at Lakewood Ranch, June 27.

$162,900 Martin Nicole T and O’Driscoll Nicole T to Corbett Dan, Dilascia Daniel F and Dilascia Kelly, Cedar Hollow at Tara, Cedar Hollow at Tara, June 24.

$157,000 Elliott Amber and Elliott Kyle to McAllister Vanessa, Terracedale, June 23.

$150,000 Rich Jennifer to Sharp Christie L, Lot 17 Villas at Oak Bend, June 23.

$150,000 Spiwak David and Spiwak Teresa to Keck Brooke A, Lot 6 Blk 10 Tropic Isles Mobile Home Estates Unit Two, June 23.

$145,000 Archer Joni D and Fontana Anthony to Celline Carmen M, Tara Plantation Gardens Unit 11 B, June 27.

$142,500 Willeman B Thomas, Willeman Cheryl F and Willeman Family Trust to Lawrence Marvin Strouse, Strouse Ellen Jayne and Ellen Jayne Strouse Joint Living Trust, Fairway Trace at Peridia II Unit 102, June 27.

$135,000 Cockerham Anna V and Cockerham Barry L to Ruiz Joann M K and Ruiz Oscar A, Cortez Park Unit 34, June 24.

$135,000 Townley Geraldine and Townley James E to Pagan Andre, Lot 7 Blk J Bayshore Gardens, June 23.

$130,000 Helm Elizabeth E and Helm Timothy D to Hernandez Felipe and Hernandez Litzia Eloise, Lot 25 Stone Creek, June 24.

$120,900 Blanco Juan, Blanco Juan P and Prof 2012 S1 Reo I LLC to MFRA Trust 2014 2 and Wilmington Trust, Lot 3 Blk C Meadow Lake 2014-CA-003942, June 23.

$120,000 Manatee Religious Service Inc to JMM Investment Properties LLC, Lot 26 Sharon Park, June 23.

$119,900 Gonzalez Diaz Maria E and Lopez Ruben Jr to Rojas Jose and Rojas Sara, Lot 24 Blk B North Orange Estates, June 23.

$119,500 803 Holdings LLC to Fletcher Jessica and Fletcher Lois, Lot 18 Blk 2 Seminole Park, June 23.

$116,900 Stanton Family Trust, Stanton Jo Ann and Stanton Robert B to Peacock House Properties 1 LLC, Lot 2 Blk 2 Dahlia Gardens, June 23.

$111,000 Hennrich Kathleen and Ritchey Ian to Irilus Dieufort, Irilus Sandra and Simon Anna Defranceur, Lot 109 Oak View, June 24.

$111,000 Newton Developments Inc to Heisley John R and Heisley Nancy E, Lot 21 Rosedale Addition, June 27.

$105,000 Parnes Cheryl H and Parnes Robert J to Palm Cove Apartments LLLP, Palm Cove of Bradenton Unit 127, June 24.

$105,000 Pcola Alena and Pcola Imrich to Gornik Debra A, Fairways Two at Pinebrook Unit 605, June 24.

$100,000 Covington Jo Ann to Enriquez Maria, Lot 3 Singletary, June 23.

$95,000 Doornbosch Wietske to Fulton Brenda D and Fulton Harold J Jr, Golf Lakes Residents Unit 311, June 23.

$95,000 Funaiole Dennis Michael and Funaiole Jeanne Therese and Funaiole Steven J to Benyola Christina Ofria and Pijanowski Evelyn, Pt 3-35-17, June 23.

$94,000 Nancy L Pickles Trust and Pickles Nancy L to Holohan Niamh J and Murray Nathan W, Heritage Village West Unit 4249, June 23.

$92,000 Johnson Hjalmer J and Johnson Mary Lou J to Miller William E, Ridgewood Meadows Unit 148, June 24.

$90,000 Andrews Robert Matthew and Robert Matthew Andrews Living Trust to Johnson Homes of West Florida Inc, Lot 89 Twin Rivers, June 27.

$89,900 Hernandez Lucrecia E to Cinnamon Jacquelyn Jordan, Heatherwood Unit 45, June 23.

$89,000 Farmer James, Farmer Virginia, James Farmer Revocable Living Trust and Virginia Farmer Revocable Living Trust to Cestaro George V and Cestaro Joan E, Woodpark at De Soto Square Unit 303, June 24.

$89,000 Robb Nona J and Robb Stewart D to Carey Joseph M, Lot 16 Blk 36 Trailer Estates, June 24.

$82,000 Fannie Mae to Helmer Patricia M, Ridgewood Meadows Unit 87, June 27.

$82,000 Janet Phillips Living Trust to 200337152 IRA, 200337153 IRA and Equity Trust Co, Pebble Springs Unit 6072, June 24.

$82,000 Silber Doris A and Silber Steve A to Thorburn Jeanne L and Thorburn Thomas L, Westwinds Village Unit N 9, June 23.

$79,000 Block Carl R and Maus Mary Ann to Castello David and Castello Elizabeth, Heritage Village West Unit 4269, June 24.

$72,000 Johnson Barbara S to Bonney Lynne and Jackson Geri Lynne, Cortez Villas Unit 14, June 23.

$71,000 Twenty Four Twelve LLC to Rosales Emma and Rosales Harry, Blk B Magnolia Park, June 23.

$70,000 Christenson LLC to Quintanar Roberto and Rios Magdalena, Twin Cities, June 24.

$69,500 Phillips Guy G Jr to Barile Donna S, Parkway Villas Unit 216, June 23.

$64,000 Croucher Robert to Elkin Steven C and Hatfield Elkin Barbara L, Lot 17 Blk F Tidevue Estates, June 27.

$60,060 Bank of America to Southeast Property Acquisitions LLC, Lot 14 Blk 3 Bells, June 24.

$60,000 Belle Vincent to Shaw Charles, Lot 7 Blk A Oceola Heights, June 23.

$60,000 Crowe David, Crowe Larry David and Crowe Pamela to Salyer Sharon Sue, Pt 11-35-17, June 23.

$52,000 Weber Lynne S to Balser Arthur E III, Lot 46 Blk 28 Trailer Estates, June 24.

$50,000 Tropic Isles Co Op Inc to Manning Robert C, Tropic Isles Co Op Inc, Unit 20, June 23.

$45,100 Powell Dallas L and Powell Dallas Lacrosse Jr to US Bank NA, Shadow Brook Mobile Home Unit 104 2015-CA-004670, June 23.

$41,800 Anderson Lenia, Anderson Phillip M, Mileham Albert P and Mileham Carlina to Anderson Lenia and Anderson Phillip M, Blk E Map of New Pearce and Pearce Vegetable Farms, June 24.

$38,100 Deutsche Bank National Trust Company, GSAMP Trust 2006 HE1 and Spears Bobby E to Davis Rick N, Pt 11-34-17 2010-CA-000540, June 23.

$38,000 McGalliard Amos T and McGalliard Diane L to Paterson Jacquelyn K, Westwinds Village Unit F 47, June 23.

$36,000 Cox Nathaniel to Fountain Lake Condos LLC, Lough Erne Unit C 205, June 24.

$35,000 Blosser Henry B and Blosser Miriam to Harry D Seay and Sharon L Seay Revocable Trust, Oliver Stephen L and Seay Harry D Revocable Trust, Blk 7 Trailer Estates, June 24.

$35,000 Eugene and Connie Simon Revocable Living Trust, Simon Connie Revocable Living Trust, Simon Connie Jean and Simon Eugene Revocable Living Trust to Ashby Stacy Lynn and Parsons Floyd David, Leisure Lake Village Unit 77, June 23.

$35,000 Terra Ceia Manor Homeowners Association Inc to Bowman Daniel J, Terra Ceia Manor Unit 463, June 23.

$35,000 Young Timothy K Jr and Young Veronica A to Ngov Nedra, Pt 14-36-21, Pt 14-36-21, June 24.

$33,000 Schutte Michele M to Suy Debra A, Fourth Bayshore Unit K 8, June 24.

$32,000 Renyer Marcie A to McClellan Christopher D, Lot 155 Braden Castle Park, June 27.

$22,000 Fath Andrew Sr, Fath Marian G and Scriver Bradley L to Meeks Lucinda A, Terra Siesta Mobile Home Park Unit 223, June 23.

$20,000 Iglesia De Dios Proposito Eterno Inc to Manatee Ventures Inc, Lot 166 Pinecrest, June 23.

$20,000 Iglesia De Dios Proposito Eterno Inc to Rinehart Homes LLC, Lot 167 Pinecrest, June 23.

$20,000 Iglesia De Dios Proposito Eterno Inc to Rinehart Homes LLC, Lot 467 Pinecrest, June 23.

$20,000 Iglesia De Dios Proposito Eterno Inc to Manatee Ventures Inc, Lot 168 Pinecrest, June 23.

$20,000 Iglesia De Dios Proposito Eterno Inc to Manatee Ventures Inc, Lot 164 Pinecrest, June 23.

$20,000 Iglesia De Dios Proposito Eterno Inc to Rinehart Homes LLC, Lot 165 Pinecrest, June 23.