Real Estate News

Real estate transactions June 27, 2016

$2,400,000 Florida Coast Development Corporation to DR Horton Inc, Cottages at San Lorenzo, June 13.

$2,240,000 Concession 113 LLC to Core Azure LLC, Blk B Concession, June 15.

$1,000,000 Happy Gospel Singers Evangelistic Crusade Inc to My Oasis Church Inc, Pt 10-35-19, June 13.

$975,000 Sonny Calhoun Properties LLC and Sonny Calhoun Properties LLC to Wilson Donald C and Wilson Gay D, Lot 23 Riverview Landings, June 14.

$850,000 Wright Linda L and Wright Phillip E II to Fausset Glen W and Fausset Nancy L, Tidy Island Unit 31, June 14.

$685,000 Campbell Kimberly and Campbell Mark G to Minor Andrew D and Minor Kirstin A, Riverside Court, June 14.

$645,000 Nicolson Ian Murdo to Jean Rae Latelle Revocable Trust and Latelle Jean Rae, Lot 81 St James Park, June 13.

$635,000 Vauen Properties LLC to Shapeshifter Corp, Pines Industrial Park Unit 11, June 15.

$594,194 Lennar Homes LLC to Prior Joseph F III and Prior Kathleen, Lot 268 Bridgewater at Lakewood Ranch, June 16.

$520,000 Foley Robert J and Foley Sheryl O to Gosnell James Michael and Gosnell Julie, Lot 101 Greenbrook Village, June 14.

$510,000 DR Horton Inc to Bisht Roshan A, Lot 28 Rye Wilderness Estates, June 14.

$501,286 Neal Communities of Southwest Florida LLC to Temple Patricia Ellen and Temple Robert Orin, Lot 95 Indigo, June 13.

$475,000 Behler Douglas M and Heckman Davene D to Heidrick Lorraine and Heidrick Richard M, Lot 49 Esplanade, June 15.

$475,000 Hurst Laura and Hurst Richard to Ruden Brenda and Ruden Eric, West Wind Shores, June 15.

$475,000 Lynn Sue to Hopkins James, Hopkins Martha, Hopkins Timothy P and Kramer Jay T, Lot 2 Blk 3 Anna Maria Beach, June 14.

$475,000 Palma Sola Bay Development Inc to Deboer Richard D, Deboer Shirley A, Richard D Deboer Trust and Shirley A Deboer Trust, Palma Sola Bay Club Unit 1307, June 14.

$465,000 Lennar Homes LLC to Cahueque Doris P and Cahueque Godoy Oliverio E, Lot 203 Bridgewater, June 14.

$443,200 Lennar Homes LLC to May Elizabeth and May Larry, Lot 140 Bridgewater Phase II at Lakewood Ranch, June 14.

$435,000 Blank Christopher and Blank Julie A to HP Florida I LLC, Lot 5006 Mill Creek, June 16.

$417,500 Shackelford Gary L and Shackelford Lida M to Grubbs Daniel J and Grubbs Valerie M, Blk 11 Pinehurst, June 13.

$415,000 Damon Gwendolyn to Kalb Corporate Retreat LLC, Lot 15 Bay Palms, June 14.

$380,000 Mott Katherine E and Mott Thomas J to Burness George S, Pt 30-34-17, June 14.

$379,000 Veilleux Lise to Sarmiento Ariel A and Sarmiento Jose G, Lot 141 Country Creek, June 14.

$375,000 Taylor Garrett Peter Nolan to Bosiljevac Dee and Bosiljevac Kevin, Longboat Key Casa Del Mar Inc Unit 2, June 14.

$373,500 Fox Tracy M to Matta Elias N and Seikaly Rachel, Lot 185 Greenbrook Village, June 16.

$365,000 Bagal Stacy R and Linda N Bagal Trust and Stacy R Bagal and Linda N Bagal to Kathleen Sieben Revocable Trust and Sieben Kathleen, Lot 8 Riva Trace, June 16.

$362,000 MI Homes of Tampa LLC to Benyola Christina and Benyola George Jr, Lot 9 Brookside Estates, June 14.

$360,708 Neal Communities of Southwest Florida LLC to Gonzalez Evguenia and Gonzalez Family Trust, Lot 43 Magnolia Point, June 13.

$360,000 Hokanson Lucinda to Glowinski Jeffrey B and Glowinski Tanya L, Lot 4 Blk F Planters Manor at Greenfield Plantation, June 13.

$355,000 Loach Mark N, Loach Mark N, Viana Clara V and Vlana Clara V to Lange Raymond Jr and Raymond Lange Jr Revocable Trust, Lot G 14 Rosedale 6 B, June 14.

$355,000 Miller Beate Vonmaur and Miller Michael S to Felzer Cynthia and Felzer Kenneth, Lot 63 Greyhawk Landing, June 16.

$355,000 Suntrust Mortgage Inc to Wilson Deborah S and Wilson Robert S, Lot 14 Woodlands Park On Palma Sola Bay, June 16.

$345,000 Matiyshyna Olga to Scialabba Kevin and Sikorski Alice, Runaway Bay Unit 248, June 16.

$345,000 Niemeyer David A and Niemeyer Family Trust to Fiorentino Frank P and Fiorentino Jennifer, Lot 327 Esplanade, June 15.

$335,000 Walter Deborah K to Curtis Marci L and Curtis Paul A, Lot 4077 Mill Creek, June 14.

$334,000 Furno Margaret and Furno Thomas J to Biskup Maria and Biskup Robert, Blk 6 Mandalay, June 16.

$325,000 Kalina Miroslav and Kalinova Irena to Lewis John C and Lewis Pamela S, Lot 4251 Heritage Harbour, June 14.

$320,000 Tobia Grace M and Tobia William Jr to Mowery Emily and Turpin Heath, Pt 2-35-18, June 13.

$319,300 University Village LLC to Moore Allison Ward and Moore Stephen R, Lot 178 University Village, June 13.

$315,929 PGCI IV LLC to Everett Juthamas Lee and Terpenning Kelly Lance, Lot 244 Silverleaf, June 13.

$314,297 Lennar Homes LLC to Graham Jeffrey Alan and Graham Kimberly A, Lot 438 Heritage Harbour, June 13.

$311,000 Noble Diane to Glebocki Ewa and Glebocki Wesley, Lot 21 Northshore at Riviera Dunes, June 15.

$310,000 Roughgarden Olga and Roughgarden Robert C to Roth Lori Ann, Lot 92 Sterling Lake, June 14.

$309,000 Abrams Stephanie M and Stephanie M Abrams Revocable Living Trust to Hric Stephen L, Or2575 Pg6199, June 15.

$307,600 University Village LLC to Carango Lorraine, Lot 177 University Village, June 13.

$305,000 Grayson Kathleen and Grayson Kathleen Breen to Sargent Rebecca Michele, Lot 82 Whitebridge Court, June 13.

$300,000 Ferlise Holdings Limited and FMS Sarasota LLC to 1 Stop Landscape Supply and Yardwaste Recycling Facility Inc, Map of New Pearce and Pearce Vegetable Farms, June 15.

$300,000 Weber Jacqueline M to Wright Samuel Lee and Wright Yvonne Kay, Lot 10 Longpond at Mote Ranch, June 13.

$293,000 Pascoe Curtis L and Pascoe Gloria B to Bentz Leslie M and Bentz Tammy S, Pt 29-33-19, June 16.

$284,645 Neal Communities of Southwest Florida LLC to Burke Heidi J K and Burke Robert J, Lot 57 Eagle Trace, June 13.

$283,000 Tarr Elizabeth Shawn to Slomack Bradfrod and Slomack Jeanette, Lot 75 Carlyle at The Villages of Palm Aire, June 14.

$281,550 Frisk Daniel K and Frisk Joseph K to Haun Elizabeth F and Haun John H III, Lot 444 Harrison Ranch, June 13.

$280,000 Dawson Robert P, Dawson Wendy C and Fox William E Jr to Arriaga Idilia M and Arriaga Joseph M, Lot 57 River Wilderness, June 13.

$279,900 Corkins Amy S and Corkins Joseph P to Menendez Allison M and Menendez Joseph C, Pt 7-35-22, June 14.

$273,500 McNamara Martin and McNamara Mary to Isaac Spencer Jacqueline, Perico Island Unit 116, June 13.

$270,000 Braasch Angela and Braasch Gregory to Fernandez Lina, Lot 99 Crossing Creek Village, June 16.

$267,000 Chaikin Sandra Sue and Okada George to Welch Kevin and Welch Michelle, Lot 11 G M Breeze Jr, June 14.

$267,000 Corrine Anderson Mcclure Revocable Trust and Mcclure Corrine A to Mcclure Amanda Michelle and Mcclure Daniel Carr, Regatta Pointe Unit A503, June 13.

$264,930 Pulte Home Corporation to Bailey Carmela M and Bailey Stuart K, Lot 488 Harrison Ranch, June 13.

$263,490 DR Horton Inc to Durrani Shariq, Lot 363 Del Tierra, June 15.

$259,500 University Village LLC to Grant Carol, Lot 38 University Village, June 13.

$258,000 Addison Cirillo Kristina L and Cirillo Matthew J to Kowalski Kazimierz and Kowalski Zofia, Lot 40 Ganble Creek Estates, June 14.

$252,131 PGCI IV LLC to Ehringer Edward F and Ehringer Roxanne, Lot 69 Silverleaf, June 13.

$250,000 Duane Holdings LLC to Pramukh One LLC, Myakka City, June 13.

$249,000 Manning Myra and Spath William H to Waterhouse Hart Isabelle, Lot 63 Blk A Country Oaks, June 13.

$246,000 Cronin Stephanie M and Staples Philip F to Hartmeyer Jan, Lot 16 Blk A Braden River Lakes, June 13.

$245,000 Isom Richard A to Lear Brittany N and Lear Travis W, Lot 15 Blk C Fairfax, June 14.

$245,000 Nextdoor Preservation LLC to Butler Scott G and Butler Stephanie, Blk 22 Whitfield Estates, June 14.

$244,500 Chaffin Bobby L Jr and Chaffin Yvette M to Murphy Barry E and Murphy Jessica N, Lot 69 River Plantation, June 16.

$239,990 DR Horton Inc to Lansing Heather N and Lansing Joshua B, Lot 49 Crystal Lakes II, June 13.

$238,700 Quarles Andrew R and Quarles Merlinda to Ruemenapp David H and Ruemenapp Linda J, Lot 109 River Plantation, June 14.

$237,980 Mattamy Sarasota LLC and Mattamy Tampa Sarasota LLC to Chan Ivy Miu and Wong Wai Hung, Lot 3 Blk A Harmony at Lakewood Ranch, June 15.

$235,990 DR Horton Inc to Tyler Brandon M and Tyler Catherine E, Lot 217 Willow Walk, June 14.

$235,000 Langevin Lyse, Langevin Paule and Langevin Suzanne to Koos Steven, Kuehn George and Nelson Koos Stacy, Cayman Cay Villas Unit 205, June 14.

$225,000 Roberts Bobby G and Roberts Norma M to Myers Heather T and Myers Jeffrey L, Lot 38 Briarwood, June 14.

$220,794 American Home Mortgage Investment Trust 2005 2 et al to Ayers James N, Hardesty Joseph A and Mcgraw Hardesty Lorrie L, Lot 98 Parkwood Lake, June 14.

$215,450 Hobbs Family Revocable Trust and Hobbs Norma J to Ford John M and Ford Phyllis P, Fairway Trace at Peridia II Unit 201, June 14.

$215,000 Hegge Loren J and Hegge Tamara L to O’Connor Deborah, River Isles, June 14.

$213,999 Lennar Homes LLC to Kerrigan Audrey A, Kerrigan Christine Renee and Kerrigan Robert J, Lot 36 Townhomes at Regatta Landing, June 16.

$210,000 Mills Charles R and Mills Omie L to Hendricks Charlotte E and Hendricks Douglas M, Lot 1 Pillsbury, June 15.

$209,900 Jones Mya E and Zouzoua Magouret Mya E to Tents, Tepees and More LLC, Lot 29 Blk E Kingsfield, June 13.

$207,000 Page Nathen H and Page Virginia S to Broome Isabel and Broome Robert, Waterway Unit 426, June 13.

$204,500 Riley Ellen E to Hentsch Christopher R and Hentsch Frances G, Onwego Park, June 13.

$202,000 Lennar Homes LLC to Cotton Alvin Craig II and Cotton Latonya Shonta, Lot 14 Townhomes at Regatta Landing, June 14.

$201,000 Kavanaugh Jacinta to Heath Abbott and Merritt Jennifer, Lot 3 Blk G White Bear Park, June 16.

$195,600 Internal Revenue Service, Kerr Ernest H, Palma Sola Park Association Inc, Smith Rebecca and United States Department of Treasury to Wells Fargo Bank, Palma Sola Park 2012-Ca-004930, June 14.

$193,000 Toren Properties LLC to Jones Lori A, Lot 10 Blk 1 Cedar Manor, June 16.

$189,000 Bosley Melissa Lynn and Bosley Randy Russell to Pechtel Barbara L and Pechtel James B, Lot 1 Blk J Heather Glen, June 15.

$187,500 Alice M Leno Revocable Trust and Leno Alice M to Brown Nancy A and Brown Roger H, Lot 349 River Isles, June 16.

$185,000 Bach Brad, Bach Family Living Trust and Davenport Teresa to Larry and Barbara Goings Living Trust, Goings Barbara A and Goings Larry J, Bay Estates North Unit 46, June 15.

$185,000 Weller John V C and Weller Susan Lott to Hall Wayne and Wayne Hall Trust, Golf Pointe at Palm Aire Country Club Section II, Unit 37201, June 14.

$180,000 Merriott Robert L and Merriott Vicki L to Petzke Brenda Karen and Petzke Jeffrey Charles, Harborage on Braden River II, Unit A 04, June 15.

$178,250 Lee Mo Jing and Wong Shui Keung to Timol Christian A and Timol Martina, Carolina Landings at University Place Unit 7712, June 15.

$175,000 Kirkland Diana A and Kirkland Stephen T to Patton Desmond R and Patton Susan H, Terrace I at River Strand Unit 1741, June 13.

$175,000 Wright James David to Oxford Betty D and Oxford Harry C, Harborage on Braden River, I Unit A 05, June 14.

$175,000 Zisa Robert to Dietz Deanna L, Shoreline Terraces III at Perico Bay Club Unit 846, June 14.

$165,000 Everett Juthamas, Kengjanworakul Juthamas and Terpenning Kelly to Blevins Debra Renee and Edmonds Nichole R, Willowbrook Unit 3203, June 15.

$161,540 Hogg Marianne and Hogg Robert E to Kish Lorraine A and Kish Nicholas W, Terraces at Wild Oak Bay Unit 222, June 14.

$160,400 Colon Luis A, Colon Melissa R, Ditech Financial LLC, Green Tree Servicing LLC and Sugar Ridge Home Owners Association Inc to Federal National Mortgage Association, Lot 3 Blk D Sugar Ridge 2015-Ca-005263, June 13.

$140,000 Owen Jean Marie and Owen Ray Turner to Garbutt Dana J and Garbutt Erin E, Lot 14 Melwood Oaks, June 14.

$135,000 Whitman Angela C and Whitman Eric T to Pearsall Jane and Pearsall Rowland, Lot 4 Snead Island Estates West, June 14.

$133,000 Dempsey Nina L and Dempsey Thomas W to Burke Carl L and Cassidy Burke Claudia, Timber Creek Unit 604, June 13.

$120,000 Schemel Michael A to Southern Property Group Inc, Lot 11 Blk L 1 Riverdale, June 14.

$116,000 Voss Angela to Acosta Victor, Lot 9 Blk E Southwood Village, June 14.

$115,000 Beauregard Margaret A and Beauregard Paul J to Coppola Annette and Coppola Anthony D, El Conquistador Unit 201, June 13.

$107,500 Overby Myrtle A to Bodnar Wendy K and Hess William H, Greens at Pinebrook Unit 107, June 13.

$104,760 Prestige Furniture Maintenance LLC to Holderness Judith Joint Revocable Trust and Michael B Holderness, DFM Centre Park I Unit 107, June 15.

$102,900 Stephenson Manor Homes Inc to Maronda Homes Inc Florida, Heron Creek, June 14.

$102,565 Muriel Ortiz Felix C to Muriel Ortiz Felix C and Neumann Sean Ian, Lot 124 Oakhurst Revised Portion, June 15.

$90,023 Eubanks Andrew E and Eubanks Pamela S to Eubanks Andrew E and Eubanks Pamela S, Lot 95 Blk A 6 Summerfield Village, June 13.

$90,000 OK Willow Walk LLC to Maronda Homes Inc of Florida, Willow Walk, June 15.

$85,000 Lucci Tracy Ann Chambers to Kavanaugh Jacinta, Cordova Villas Unit E, June 16.

$76,000 Franklin Laura L to Palmer Thomson Gloria E, Bayshore on the Lake Condominium Apartments, Unit 119, June 16.

$76,000 Willis Ryan to J and K Property Solutions LLC, Lot 41 Farrows, June 13.

$73,000 Lebrun Alice M and Lebrun Louis M to Albert F Andreoli and Linda L Andreoli Revocable Trust, Andreoli Albert F Revocable Trust, Andreoli Linda, Andreoli Linda L Revocable Trust, Albert F Andreoli and Andreoli Albert, Chateau Village Unit 126, June 13.

$72,000 Himes Judith E and Himes Ronald J to Alvin Terhaar Living Trust, Susan Terhaar Living Trust, Terhaar Alvin and Terhaar Susan, El Rancho Village Unit M 35, June 14.

$68,900 Wilson Carolyn K to Daum Keith H Jr and Vandermeid Gretchen, Ridgewood Meadows Unit 41, June 16.

$65,000 Brinson Elmore and Brinson Shirley to Diaz Christian N, Washington Park, June 13.

$64,000 Morales Ouidio Ortiz to Alvarado Vilma, Lot 6 Blk 2 Country Club Acres, June 14.

$62,926 Mcclure Amanda Michelle to Mcclure Amanda Michelle and Mcclure Daniel Carr, Regatta Pointe Unit A504, June 13.

$62,200 Manatee County Clerk of Circuit Court to Christenson LLC, Lot 25 Sunny Lakes Estates, June 14.

$62,000 Gregori Kimberly to D Fisher LLC, Garden Walk Unit 1804, June 15.

$48,000 Hemperly William E Jr to Ping David Lee and Ping Zorena Lee, Lot 292 Foxbrook, June 14.

$38,900 Machon Ventures LLC to Gates Chad L and Watermark Land Trust, Lot 166 Sunny Lakes Estates, June 13.

$35,000 Terra Ceia Manor Homeowners Association Inc to Obendorfer Joan A and Obendorfer Robert K, Terra Ceia Manor Unit 135, June 14.

$32,000 Clark Chester to Dunham Nathan, Lot 21 Overstreet Park, June 14.

$32,000 Collins Kathryn to Dunham Nathan, Lot 21 Overstreet Park, June 14.

$32,000 Jeremiahs International Trading Company to Krause Mary, Bayshore Gardens Condominium Apartments, Unit D 33, June 14.

$29,900 Camco Investments LLC to Hehn Christopher C and Hehn Susan A, Palmetto Point, June 16.

$28,000 Borg Jerry to Jeremiahs International Trading Company, Bayshore Gardens Condominium Apartments, Unit D 33, June 14.