Real Estate News

Real estate transactions June 13, 2016

$2,337,240 Central Property Development Inc to Jac Fla 3 LLC, Blk A Golfview, June 2.

$1,450,000 Craig A Scherer Revocable Trust to Robson Craig W and Robson Julia D, Lot 7 Sunset Harbor, June 2.

$1,450,000 Faust Creighton C II and Faust Sharon L to Stromile Swift LLC, Lot 8 Blk 2 Ilexhurst, May 31.

$1,300,000 Robson Craig W and Robson Julia D to Halle Cynthia L and Roll Celine B, Lot 9 Key Royale, June 1.

$1,050,000 Serenity by the Sea LLC to Santo Lori and Santo Robert A, Ave E By Sea Unit D, June 2.

$850,000 Gould Dale, Gould Mark, Lois Gould Snyder Revocable Trust to Fors Family Trust, Fors Karen Kuyper and Fors Marc Barlow, Lot 82 Emerald Harbor, May 27.

$835,000 Taylor Morrison of Florida Inc to Lloyd Claire and Lloyd Mark J, Lot 259 Esplanade, May 27.

$770,000 12803 Deacons Pi Herman Morgan LLC to Mcnally Jeffrey A and Mcnally Wendy A, Lot 36 Lakewood Ranch Country Club Village, Lot 36, May 31.

$750,000 Gangle Ellen R and Gangle Randolph to Johnson Danielle M and Johnson Eric Shane, Pomello Park, June 1.

$693,000 Bard Marsha J and Bolek Marsha J to Gill Carolyn K and Gill Eric N, Lot 104 Bimini Bay Estates, May 26.

$690,000 Marsh Christopher and Marsh Linda to Duell Anne Marie and Duell Douglas Lee, Riverdale Revised, May 31.

$675,000 Homenuck Betty Ann, Homenuck Family Living Trust Agreement and Homenuck Henry Peter to Nilson Gunnel Kristina Faxen, Anna Maria Island Club Unit 44, June 2.

$667,500 PADG 03 LLC to McCullough Beach Realty LLC, Chiki Tiki Unit B, May 27.

$660,651 John Neal Homes Inc to Thompson Kenneth A and Thompson Payton E, Lot 12 Country Club East at Lakewood Ranch, June 2.

$639,000 Didonato James and Didonato Sally to Odyssey Ventures LP, Moorings at Edgewater II Unit 201, May 26.

$606,000 Pearson Joann S to Sixty Five 411 LLC, Lot 2 Blk B Belair Bayou, June 2.

$578,530 Minto Bradenton LLC to Barker Angela Susan and Rahman Tahir M, Edgewater Walk On Harbour Isle Unit 59 C, May 31.

$575,000 Weidenhammer Joann K to Gangle Ellen R and Gangle Randolph A, Lot C 14 Rosedale Highlands, May 27.

$556,690 Anderson Wayne A and Brower Bridgett to Waldman David S and Waldman Judith, Lot 4 Henley, June 1.

$556,000 Zysko Edwin and Zysko Susan to Armistead E Susan and Armistead Robert T, Lot 76 Kenwood Park, May 27.

$548,719 Pulte Home Corporation to Hutchinson Diane L, Hutchinson Living Trust and Hutchinson Lyman M, Lot 124 Del Webb, Lot 124, May 26.

$540,000 Carr Barbara P and Carr Robert V Jr to Marck John R and Marck Pamela O, Mangrove Walk II On Harbour Isle Unit 37 C, May 26.

$511,070 Pulte Home Corporation to Zislin Jane E and Zislin Neal S, Lot 187 Del Webb, June 2.

$500,000 Mcqueen Robert L and Mcqueen Debra to Milonas Heidi M and Milonas Marc M, Lot 40 Flamingo Cay, May 26.

$492,500 Meritage Homes of Florida Inc to Parker Jason and Parker Tara J, Lot 60 Serenity Creek, May 31.

$490,000 Engels Marcia A and Marcia A Engels Living Trust to Schell Gerald and Schell Victoria Margeotes, Lot 55 Kenwood Park, May 26.

$488,500 Lennar Homes LLC to Marini Deborah A and Marini Marc A, Lot 141 Bridgewater, June 2.

$485,000 Armstrong William and Armstrong Charlette to Ragle Sarah J and Ragle Tony C, Lot 1051 Country Meadows, June 2.

$485,000 Lopez Stephanie and Lopez Henry to Rycerz Anthony M Jr and Rycerz Stephanie M, Laguna Veneto Unit 200, Laguna Veneto, Unit 200, May 31.

$475,000 Concession 113 LLC to Michael Jonathan E and Michael Sharon L, Lot 1 Concession, May 31.

$475,000 Taylor Morrison of Florida Inc to Schneider Holly N and Schneider John D, Lot 235 Esplanade, May 31.

$446,059 Pulte Home Corporation to Bishop Joann M and Bishop Steven C, Lot 134 Del Webb, May 27.

$430,000 Jones Barbara A to Harmeyer Kimberly, Lot 3038 Twin Rivers, June 1.

$429,000 Sullivan Claudia A and Sullivan Glenn R to Yang Yun Song, Lot 7 Blk A El Conquistador Village II, May 26.

$428,000 Karen M Kreps Trust, Kreps Karen M to Diclemente Gino and Gino Diclemente Living Trust, Martinique Condominium Apartments South Unit 306, May 26.

$422,000 Yancey Donald J and Yancey Theresa C to Slater Lisa and Slater Matthew, Lot 102 Central Park, May 26.

$417,500 Macgloan John W and Macgloan Maria I to Palmer Properties and Rentals LLC, Lot 28 Mckinley Oaks, June 2.

$415,000 Bottorff Richard S, Johnson Vonda M and Vidal Argelia to Bottorff Richard S and Vidal Argelia, Lot 15 Rye Wilderness Estates, May 31.

$412,085 WCI Communities LLC to Danny and Patsy Woodruff Family Trust, Woodruff Danny L and Woodruff Patsy M, Lot 5 Blk K Tidewater Preserve, June 2.

$410,000 Simmons Miriam to Mortensen Bo and Mortensen Charlotte, Lot 49 Rye Wilderness Estates, June 1.

$409,700 Meritage Homes of Florida Inc to Montero Antonio and Montero Lidia, Lot 66 Serenity Creek, May 27.

$400,000 Arietta Louis J and Hurban Andrew D to Flickner Donna and Flickner George, Lot 5 Coral Shores East, May 31.

$390,000 Kent Shiela and Schroeder Letha M to Rowe Emily A and Rowe Wayne, Lot 40 Stoneybrook at Heritage Harbour, May 27.

$390,000 Pascarella Debra A and Pascarella Joseph A to Gaffin Deborah and Gustafson Robert K, Lot 23 Blk B River Wilderness, June 1.

$386,175 Pulte Home Corp to Richard F Estes and Suzanne M Estes Living Trust, May 31.

$385,000 Fabrikova Bohdana, Pluhacek Bohdana Lydie and Pluhacek Ivo to Kaiser David and Kaiser Elaine, Lot 239 Palma Sola Trace, June 1.

$385,000 Meyer Gerda and Meyer Rudolf to Nelson Troy, Lot 130 River Wilderness, May 31.

$385,000 Pitcher and Pitcher LLC to Maximum Processing Inc, Roeschs Corner, June 2.

$384,200 Fitzgerald Alison B and Fitzgerald Frederick L Jr to Mahlum Alison E and Mahlum Michael, Lot 134 Greyhawk Landing, May 26.

$382,000 Fannie Mae and Federal National Mortgage Association to Obannon Daniel K, Lot 19 River Place, June 2.

$377,000 Logan Brian K and Willis Stanley A Jr to Coburn Stefanie L, Lot 73 Quail Run, May 31.

$375,000 Mandarin Development Inc to Fuhlrodt Robert L and Power Harriet M, Lot 70 Riva Trace, May 26.

$375,000 Oconnor Francis and Oconnor Mary T to Peeters Charles E and Peeters Kim M, Lot 477 Stoneybrook at Heritage Harbour, June 1.

$370,000 Kajoni Florida LLC to Cortes Cristobal E, Lot 12 Blk A Cypress Creek Estates, May 31.

$369,230 Pulte Home Corporation to Scarberry Derick D and Scarberry Michelle, Lot 1023 Harrison Ranch, June 2.

$362,000 Nugent Peggy C to Nugent Thomas S, Anna Maria Beach Place Unit 1, June 2.

$357,337 Palma Sola Bay Development Inc to Gregory Harriet T, Palma Sola Bay Club Unit 2001, May 26.

$356,815 WCI Communities LLC to Hicks Julia and Hicks T J Jr, Lot 185 Rosedale Addition, May 31.

$355,000 Reak Timothy J to William E Bessire and Robin L Bessire Joint Revocable Trust, Runaway Bay Unit 175, June 2.

$350,000 Corona Gilberto and Corona Graciela to Reed David N and Smith Beverly A, Lot 49 Blk A Braden Pines, June 2.

$350,000 Palermo Daniel Robert and Robert A Palermo Revocable Living Trust to Kopp Wilham K, Kopp, Spanish Main Yacht Club Unit 127, Spanish Main Yacht Club Unit 127, May 31.

$349,000 Lewis Renee A to Byrnes Katherine A, Lot 8 Blk F Lakeridge Falls, June 1.

$342,600 Calatlantic Group Inc and Ryland Group Inc to Wenger Camilla G and Wenger Jeffrey Scott, Lot 147 Greyhawk Landing West, May 26.

$340,000 Gardner Wilma K to Dugranrut James D and Dugranrut Mary J, Lot 4 Blk F Lakeridge Falls, June 2.

$336,000 Shapiro Marlene to Rowe Scott, Rowe Susan and Rowe Zachary J, Lot 44 Central Park, May 26.

$335,000 French Angela T and French Daniel P to Coraggio Gerard and Coraggio Ida, Lot 132 Esplanade, June 2.

$335,000 Snedeker Karen B and Snedeker Robert E to Bay Shore Trust and Kaphan Sarah T, Lot 177 Palma Sola Trace, June 2.

$330,694 Calatlantic Group Inc and Ryland Group Inc to Perez Yolanda and Ruiz Luis E, Lot 51 Oakleaf Hammock, May 26.

$324,000 Bowman Donald R and Bowman Robin R to Shomo Eileen C, Lot 204 Central Park, May 27.

$315,000 Taylor Woodrow Communities at Artisan Lakes LLC to Vaughan Jeffrey, Lot 108 Artisan Lakes Esplanade, May 27.

$314,900 Darby Carol A to Coningham Grant M, Lot 12 Water Oak, June 1.

$311,200 Wills Paul C to Najmy Cristina and Najmy Louis, Pt 27-34-17, May 31.

$308,495 WCI Communities LLC to Lastinger Community Property Trust, Lastinger Erin Jette and Lastinger Gary, Riverside at Tidewater Preserve Unit A, June 2.

$307,946 Taylor Morrison of Florida Inc to David Mark and Patricia Y Gersh Revocable Living Trust, Gersh David Mark and Gersh Patricia Y, Saracina I at Esplanade Lakewood Ranch Unit 108, May 27.

$306,520 Pulte Home Corporation and Pulte Home Corporation to Fero Jeffrey L and Fero Tammy K, Lot 579 Harrison Ranch, May 27.

$304,020 Pulte Home Corporation to Bernhard Louis, Lot 63 Del Webb, June 2.

$303,770 Pulte Home Corporation to Miller Lyle D and Miller Melanie A, Lot 1022 Harrison Ranch, May 27.

$303,000 Sarmiento Ariel and Sarmiento Jose G to Brantley Christina M and Brantley Russell T, Lot 720 Stoneybrook at Heritage Harbour, May 31.

$302,000 BT Partners LLC and Bt Partners LLC to Albritton Rene and Albritton Richard E, Pt 18-35-18, Pt 18-35-18, June 2.

$300,655 Pulte Home Corporation and Pulte Home Corporation to Callahan Jeannine M and Callahan John E Jr, Lot 43 Del Webb, May 26.

$300,000 Feldman Jeffrey and Feldman Mary to Paulson Chad and Paulson Stephanie, Lot 161 Mill Creek, May 26.

$295,500 Barnes Daniel and Barnes Deborah to Panka Jeanne K, Lot F 29 Rosedale 6A, May 26.

$295,000 Dewitt Steven and Dewitt Robin to Bauer Lawrence P Jr and Miller Richard E, Lot 15 Woods of Whitfield, June 2.

$295,000 Leone Aundrea Christine, Schultz Stacie L and Trumbull Zachary to Rodriguez Sandy and Rodriguez Stacia, Lot 169 Central Park, May 26.

$292,500 Harmeyer Brian and Harmeyer Kimberly M to Powell Andre L, Powell Bernette P, Powell Lea V and Powell Thomas, Lot 39 Blk A Old Grove at Greenfield Plantation, June 1.

$292,500 Wells James A and Wells Jo Ann to 6115 46Th Street Land Trust and Derigo L K, Lot 7 Blk 2 Mandalay, May 26.

$290,000 Golus Ashley and Golus Shaun to De Iraola Ingrid and Torruella Pau E, Lot 58 Chelsea Oaks, May 31.

$290,000 Rausch Christian to Arthur Ronald Miller and Carol Ann Miller Revocable Living Trust, Miller Arthur Ronald and Miller Carol Ann, Lot 109 Blk 28 Waterlefe Golf and River Club, May 31.

$288,500 DR Horton Inc to Ramos Alan G, Lot 95 Del Tierra, June 2.

$287,000 DR Horton Inc to Seeberg Angela M and Seeberg Ronald W, Lot 45 Creekwood, May 31.

$285,000 Beninato Michael, Beninato Takako and Emma A Cahill Revocable Living Trust to Miller Edward C and Miller Rebecca T, Lot 92 Carlyle at Villages of Palm Aire, May 31.

$285,000 Cooper Terrell K and Molano Gladys M to Witchey David S and Witchey Valorie N, Lot 91 Blk 1 Braden Woods, June 2.

$285,000 Taylor Paul Gregory and Taylor Sheila Kay to Brienza Sharon D and Remmer Mark R, Lot 34 Crossing Creek Village, May 27.

$283,100 Cargor Partners III Parrish LC to Reagan Marilyn and Reagan Ronald P, Lot 129 River Plantation, May 26.

$280,000 Roland Kenneth II and Roland Virginia to Taylor Paul G and Taylor Sheila K, Lot 31 Crossing Creek Village, May 31.

$278,230 Compass PH LLC to Lewis Rodger Braden, Lot 203 Forest Creek, May 31.

$276,455 Neal Communities of Southwest Florida LLC and Neal Communities of Southwest Florida LLC to Gordon Christina C and Gordon Jonathan D, Lot 185 Eagle Trace, Lot 185 Eagle Trace, May 26.

$275,000 King Brian G and Sprayberry Randy G to Russo Kelley and Russo Nicholas, Pt 31-33-18, May 26.

$275,000 Mahn Marion, Mahn Ulrich, Marion Mahn Revocable Living Trust and Ulrich Mahn Revocable Living Trust to Paige Dana W, Golf Pointe at Palm Aire Country Club Unit V 236, June 1.

$275,000 Rolf Richard and Terry Tonda to Weed Joanne and Weed Patrick, Blk L Pine Lake, June 2.

$274,300 Pulte Home Corporation to Dement Lacey A and Holman Jasen, Lot 1026 Harrison Ranch, May 26.

$273,900 Cargor Partners III Parrish LC to BMS Realty LLC, Lot 89 River Plantation, May 31.

$273,000 Bonniei Nicholas and Hess Erin to De Flores De Turner Monica Aida and Turner John K, Lot 652 Braden Woods, May 31.

$273,000 Smith Elizabeth Blair, Smith Jason Richard and Thompson Elizabeth to Brodil Alexis and Cunningham John III, Lot 56 Summerfield Village, May 31.

$272,000 Ley Harold and Ley Heidi to Butler Kimberly A and McDonald Timothy S, Lot 21 De Soto Lakes Country Club Colony Replat, June 1.

$269,800 Bank of New York, Cwabs Inc to Castro Jude S and Jackson Michael P, Lot 126 Silverlake, May 26.

$269,000 Briggs Tonya K to Oshea Dorothy J and Oshea Lawrence J, Lot 19 River Wilderness, June 1.

$269,000 Fannie Mae to Claeys Beverly A and Claeys Gerald R, Lot 36 Garden Lakes Estates, May 27.

$269,000 Zink David E and Zink Sandra L to Echevarria Isabel Gonzalez and Echevarria Roberto Gonzalez, Shell Point Unit 81, June 2.

$268,000 Allen Alicia and Allen Richard to Emerton Roland, Lot 158 Tailfeather Way at Tara, June 2.

$260,000 Shevin Scott to Cole Edward Joseph and Cole Shannon Marie, Lot 110 Silverlake, June 1.

$258,990 DR Horton Inc to Supernak Jadwiga, Soleil Unit 104, May 27.

$257,420 Pulte Home Corporation to Eckman Douglas W and Eckman Sharon A, Lot 551 Harrison Ranch, May 26.

$255,000 Del Castillo Edwardo H and Del Castillo Erin M to Ramkumar Solomon, Lot 46 Indigo Ridge at University Place, May 27.

$255,000 Foster John Parry to Griffin Gregory V and Griffin Pamela S, Lot 1 Blk L Country Club Heights, May 27.

$255,000 Tervin Elizabeth D and Tervin Wallace R and Tervin Wallace R to Grimsley Christopher J and Grimsley Lauren, Lot 22 Dude Ranch Acres, May 27.

$254,335 Calatlantic Group Inc and Ryland Group Inc to Serra Susie, Lot 494 Copperstone, May 26.

$252,158 Taylor Woodrow Communities at Artisan Lakes LLC to Houdek Brian D and Houdek Kelli C, Lot 208 Artisan Lakes Esplanade, May 26.

$250,000 Gallant Cynthia to Curtis Bruce and Curtis Skye, Lot 156 Creekwood, June 2.

$250,000 Mcpherson Ada S and Mcpherson Luther P Jr to Luckett David W and Stallings Lori A, Lot 124 Sugar Mill Lakes, June 2.

$248,495 Lennar Homes LLC to Janice S Lewis Declaration of Trust, Lewis Janice S and Lewis John A, Lot 181 Heritage Harbour, May 26.

$247,745 Calatlantic Group Inc and Ryland Group Inc to Robertson Tiffany M and Robertson Troy C, Lot 491 Copperstone Phase IIC, June 1.

$245,000 Phillips Brian K and Phillips Edna Marie to Lemus Nadieska and Otero Evys, Pt 17-35-18, June 2.

$243,500 Sikes Maureen to Sauntry Kevin P, River Dance Unit 205, June 1.

$240,000 Dishman Franklen G and Dishman Franklin G Jr to Ingramm Crystal D and Ingramm William J, Pt 17-35-22, May 31.

$240,000 Mattamy Sarasota LLC and Mattamy Tampa Sarasota LLC to Scarella Mary and Scarella Robert Anthony, Lot 5 Blk A Harmony at Lakewood Ranch, June 2.

$239,000 Cannon Kristine S to Brunner Leila E and Brunner Randolph A, Lot 22 Blk 2 Barrington Ridge, June 2.

$232,000 Jenkins Donald R and Jenkins Twyla L to Nerney Nancy B, Lot 24 Creekside Preserve, June 1.

$231,815 DR Horton Inc to Gasson Tracy, Soleil Unit 103, June 2.

$230,988 Calatlantic Group Inc and Ryland Group Inc to Nunemaker Corbett A and Nunemaker Traci Lynn, Lot 466 Copperstone, May 26.

$230,000 Graziano Linda B and Graziano Michael J to Zavotka Craig and Zavotka Karen, Lot 49 Lakeside Preserve, May 27.

$227,500 Blackman Candy L and Blackman Steve A to Ricker John B and Ricker Sarah E, Lot 85 Oakley Place, June 2.

$226,975 Mattamy Sarasota LLC and Mattamy Tampa Sarasota LLC to Lee Willie P Jr, Lot 169 Blk G Harmony at Lakewood Ranch, May 26.

$225,000 Andrew Nelson Revocable Trust and Nelson Andrew to Mcfarland Catherine L, Westbay Cove Unit 114, May 27.

$225,000 Gordon Pope Sheila and Pope Sterling W to Vollmer Darren C, Lot 175 Chelsea Oaks, May 31.

$224,000 Sell David G and Sell Rita R to Pittman Donna A and Pittman John R, Pt 6-34-18, June 2.

$223,320 Contarino Construction LLC to Shapiro Gerald and Shapiro Harriet, Lot 15 Palmetto Plantation, June 2.

$222,500 DR Horton Inc to Hansche Brittany Y and Hansche John K II, Lot 56 Park Place, June 2.

$220,000 Hehn Christopher Cole and Hehn Susan A to Saber Amy L and Williams Forrest K, Lot 96 Gillette Grove, May 27.

$219,200 Galindo Victor H Jr to Garcia Gerardo and Garcia Julia, Lot 28 Sarabay Harbor, May 26.

$219,000 Kahl Henry V and Kahl Margaret A to Camacho Venessa and Maldonado Jose B, Blk A Alford and Vowells, May 31.

$218,000 Fannie Mae, Fannie Mae to Pashnina Tatiana and Payne David John, Lot 91 Covered Bridge Estates, May 27.

$218,000 Gibson Beverly J and Gibson Ronald G to Shapiro Marlene, Boca Grove Unit 102, May 27.

$216,000 Hudson Cynthia A and Hudson Kenneth W to Lyerly Deborah, Lot 4 Blk A Greenfield Plantation, June 2.

$215,000 Lennar Homes LLC to Farrell Brian Joseph and Farrell Rosemarie Annette, Veranda IV at River Strand Unit 2521, June 2.

$215,000 Sobr Frederick J and Sobr Renee to Lily Sunshine Rentals Inc, Belair, June 2.

$213,000 Kurowski Lisa G to Squitieri Nicholas, Lot 410 Copperstone, May 26.

$213,000 Patricia M Simmon Revocable Trust Agreement, Simmon Joseph E and Simmon Patricia M to Iannone Frances, Watch at Waterlefe Unit 3 B, May 27.

$212,000 Wild Donald E and Wild Shirley M to Malatesta Cory C, Lot 82 Regency Oaks, May 27.

$208,000 Millslagle James and Millslagle Patricia to Lovely James A and Peck Vanessa H, Village Green of Bradenton Unit 5832, May 26.

$207,000 Tommy Bahamo LLC to Belis Caroline, Lot 10 Palma Sola Woods, May 31.

$205,000 Buttocovla David J and Buttocovla Pamela L to Glaser Jeffrey R and Glaser Rhonda, Lot 32 Village Green of Bradenton, June 2.

$202,500 Ginnell Raymond B and Ginnell Sonia R to Ginnell Sonia R, Laguna Veneto Unit 400, May 27.

$202,500 Schimdt Brittany A to Heller Jennifer and Heller Mark Jeffrey Jr, Lot 84 Whitney Meadows, May 27.

$202,000 Lennar Homes LLC to Mehlhoff Daniel James and Mehlhoff Laurie Elaine, Veranda IV at River Strand Unit 2512, June 2.

$201,999 Lennar Homes LLC to Green Omayra Luna and Rivera Ricardo Javier Colon, Lot 32 Townhomes at Regatta Landing, May 27.

$201,000 Horne Casey G and Horne Kate E to Seberg Lance A, Tropical Harbor, May 31.

$200,000 Fleetwood Barrow S to Albritton Jeffery A, Lot 146 Palmetto Skyway Replat, May 26.

$200,000 Simpson Elbert C and Simpson Roberta L to Blasewitz Michael R Jr, Lot 1042 Winding River, June 2.

$200,000 Wilson David and Wilson Lynne to Underwood Jennifer and Underwood Larry, Lot 9 Mamie G, June 2.

$197,000 B Todd Crutcher Revocable Trust, Benjamin Todd Crutcher III Revocable Living Trust, Carolyn Yagel Crutcher Revocable Living Trust, Crutcher Benjamin Todd III, Crutcher Benjamin Todd IV and Crutcher Carolyn Yagel to Connolly Karen and Connolly Michael, Clubside at Palm Aire Unit 7652, June 2.

$195,000 Corvino Frank A and Corvino Joanne M to Laforce Daniel M and Laforce Susan M, Lot 42 Blk 4 Cypress Pond Estates, June 1.

$195,000 Jones Joseph E and Jones Sarah A to Luis John R and Luis Lee A, Lot 22 Blk B Casa Del Sol, May 31.

$194,990 DR Horton Inc to Byrd Leslie D, Lot 29 Willow Walk, June 2.

$193,000 Scheel Heike and Stauber Frank to Gardner Billie Marie and Gardner Jeffery A, Lot 1 Blk D E D Scrogins, May 27.

$192,500 Lennar Homes LLC to Smith Elizabeth and Smith Frederick Grant, Veranda IV at River Strand Unit 2424, May 26.

$192,000 Barr Nancy N and Barr Stephen D to Glance Brad, Palma Sola Trace Unit 411, May 31.

$192,000 Sholtis King Marta E to Burris Sherilyn and Lee Shawn, Lot 148 Harrison Ranch, May 27.

$190,000 Griffiths Family Trust, Griffiths Harold E, Griffiths Peggy L to Staaf Mary Rice and Staaf Richard H, Tradewinds Unit 16, May 26.

$190,000 Reese Gerald and Reese Iddress M to Gassler Amber L and Gassler Jonathan M, Lot 7 Elwood Park, June 2.

$189,000 Hawkins Stuart T and Schwabe Jerome P to Cook Matthew H and Cook Sheila W, Carolina Landings at University Place B Unit 7621, May 27.

$189,000 Lennar Homes LLC to Robert and Margaret A Ural Family Trust, Ural Margaret A and Ural Robert, Terrace IV at River Strand Unit 2931, June 2.

$188,000 Jones Corrine and Jones Gardner L to Forgione Ann Mary and Forgione Martin Henry, Lot 5 Amanda Lee Addition, June 2.

$185,000 Smith Karen to Heflin Christopher J and Mitchell Morgan E, Pt 29-34-17, June 2.

$184,900 Mills Andrea M and Mills Joshua M to Martinez Dora and Martinez, Lot 14 Blk C Braden River Lakes, May 27.

$182,500 Menaker Sharon E and Sharon E Menaker Trust to Atkins Julia A and Atkins Peter R, Grand Oak at Tara Unit 5 203, June 2.

$180,000 Lanham Peter B III and Peter B Lanham III Living Trust to Morgan Leslie Daniel and Morgan Sharon White, Fiddlers Bend Unit 10, May 27.

$180,000 McKeefrey Marlene to Wright Jigna, Lot 71 Catalina, June 2.

$180,000 Neal Signature Homes LLC to Ciolli Michael A and Ciolli Suzanne L, Lot 97 Country Club East at Lakewood Ranch, May 26.

$180,000 Schulz Delta Elaine and Schulz Robert to Civkuhs Cynthia Y Richardson and Civkulis Juris P, Lot 4 Blk E Windsor Park, June 2.

$179,900 Freund James Jr, Freund Sally and Mayberry Sally to Faust Christina E and Schneider Jason O, Lot 4 Blk J White Bear Park, May 31.

$178,998 Lennar Homes LLC to Collins Josephine Dantonio and Collins Michael Allen Jr, Terrace Vat River Strand Unit 2945, May 26.

$178,998 Lennar Homes LLC to Lepkowski Philip M and Lepkowski Sandra L, Terrace IVat River Strand Unit 2942, May 31.

$178,998 Lennar Homes LLC o North Susan Michelle Paszkiewicz and Susan Michelle Paszkiewicz Trust, Terrace IV at River Strand Unit 2911,

$178,000 Georgianna Seebeck Revocable Trust and Seebeck Georgianna to Seebeck Laurie A and Seebeck Richard T Jr, Palma Sola Trace Unit 326, June 2.

$175,000 Anna H Larsson Revocable Trust and Larsson Martin to Fus Holdings LLC, Blk A Westwood, May 26.

$175,000 Conine Stacie L and Susan Lyn Beshore Irrevocable Living Trust to Beshore Connie J, Garden Lakes Villas Unit 87, May 31.

$175,000 Faith Bobbie A and Head William A to Wollin Treasure E, Fairways Two at Pinebrook Unit 310, May 31.

$173,000 2121 56th Ave. Terrace East Family Land Trust and Farrell William to Marquez Barbara and Patmor Morgan M, Lot 19 Blk B Meadow Lake, June 1.

$172,000 Neal Signature Homes LLC to Conelias Jillanne and Conelias Peter, Lot 107 Country Club East at Lakewood Ranch, June 2.

$171,500 Tap Property Investments LLC to Cajudoy Abigail J and Cajudoy Joshua C, Lot 30 Oak View, May 31.

$170,100 Sanchez Mayra E to US Bank, Blk 1 Clark Mounts, May 27.

$170,000 Hills Craig to Sheppard Moses Jr, Lot 41 Manatee Palms, May 27.

$170,000 Shafer Richard A and Shafer Roberta to Loken Loretta J and Loken Paul S, Terraces at Wild Oak Bay II Unit 283, May 26.

$168,000 North Kim Diane to Taylor Susan W, Blk D Forty Three West Palms II, June 2.

$167,500 Macaskill Douglas and Macaskill Sonya M to Key John W and Key Lori S, Terrace I at River Strand Unit 1717, June 2.

$166,000 Kosmensky Marilyn to Reber K Elaine, Cedar Hollow at Tara Unit 4 102, May 26.

$165,000 Holloway Betty Larmore and Holloway Claude James Jr to Zornig Kristine D, Grand Estuary II at River Strand Unit 336, June 2.

$162,000 Staaf Mary Rice and Staaf Richard H to Wirkus Claudia M, Tradewinds Unit 30, May 26.

$160,000 Ilich Stephanie and Reid John Nathan to Cole Terra M and Egan Joseph P, Lot 13 Shannon Park, June 2.

$159,900 J and C Ventures of Manatee Inc to Heine Shaunda Melton, Blk 6 River Haven, May 31.

$159,900 Rudinger Pura to Schumacher Sara, Lot 28 Blk C Windsor Park First, May 27.

$155,000 4581 Ashton Road Inc to Khoum Kyle and Khoumphonphakdy Rose, Lot 3 Blk C Windsor Park, June 2.

$155,000 Engh Howard O and Engh Olga to Beauregard Margaret A and Beauregard Paul J, Vivienda at Bradenton II Unit 30, June 2.

$154,900 Thomas Michael to Betinis Craig J and Betinis Maryceil O, Lot 8 Blk 5 Garden Heights, June 1.

$152,700 JP Morgan Mortgage Acquisition Trust 2006 NC2 and US Bank NA to Frank Thomas, Lot 13 Ellenton Acres, May 31.

$152,000 Matthews Beverly A, Matthews Family Revocable Living Trust and Matthews Frederick A to Forbes Constance, Terraces at Wild Oak Bay II Unit 254, June 2.

$150,000 Galerno Patricia A Green and Galerno William to Koenig Diana C, Sarabay Coves Unit 305, May 31.

$150,000 Sackett Nathan E to Prendergast Fred P and Wrathall Linda L, Lot 1 Groves of Parrish, June 2.

$148,999 Lennar Homes LLC to Meyer Bill C and Meyer Debbie Diane, Terrace IV at River Strand Unit 2944, May 26.

$147,000 Early Philip to Currier Heather Lauren and Currier Patrick Richard, Lot 10 Blk 1 Villages of Lakeside South, June 2.

$146,000 Travers John C to Trumble Charles T and Trumble Jane E, Shorewalk Bath and Tennis Club Unit 104, June 2.

$145,800 Stein Alicia T to Black Heather, Greenbrook Walk Unit 103, May 26.

$145,000 Zguiyel Mohamed to Young S Jordan T, Lot 4 Blk D Bayshore Gardens, May 27.

$143,900 Rinehart Homes LLC to Wilcox Jocina Jacquetta, Lot 62 Cortez Landings, June 2.

$142,500 Three Palm Ventures and Three Palms Ventures LLC to Gross Benedict F and Gross Benedict F, Lakes Unit 105 D, June 2.

$137,000 Elwood Anthony P and Elwood Mary Ann to Miller Paula Helen, Oakview Village Unit 808 D, May 31.

$136,000 Omaley Larry M to Peer Doris A, Gardens at Palm Aire Country Club Unit 202, May 31.

$135,000 Quinones Solano Vivian to Rodriguez Allende Joselyna, Lot 33 Summerlield Village Cypress Banks, May 31.

$134,059 Deutsche Bank National Trust Company and Harborview Mortgage Loan Trust 2006 7 to Hughes Kenneth A, Lot 86 Cutrona, June 2.

$133,376 SLV II CCE Venture LP to WCI Communities LLC, Lot 172 Country Club East at Lakewood Ranch, May 26.

$133,000 Fraley Arline F to Shephard Jacquelyn, Lot 19 Blk K Bayshore Gardens Section No 9 G, May 26.

$132,500 Hutto Jill M to Camp Sharon Lee, Woods at Pinebrook Unit 505, May 31.

$128,000 Cote Bernard to Galyon Chapin Elizabeth M, Townhomes at Lighthouse Cove II Unit 2901, June 1.

$127,500 Connolly Karen A and Connolly Michael A to Freitas Lucia, Palm Aire at Sarasota No 8B Unit 202, May 31.

$127,000 Mcgowan Richard and Mcgowan Simonne to Jamison Harry N, Jamison Joint Trust and Jamison Judy W, Blk 38 Trailer Estates, Blk 38 Trailer Estates, May 31.

$127,000 Redmond Alfreda and Redmond Barbara A to Kashtan Sara M, Summerfield Hollow Unit 101, May 27.

$125,000 Miller Teresa A to EHB of Tampa Bay Inc, Lot 162 Crystal Lakes, June 2.

$125,000 Rider David M and Rider Donald E to Corona Gilberto, Overstreet Park, May 26.

$123,000 Davis William A III and Pappafotis Virginia to Kawa Joseph M and Kawa Susan K, Palm Aire at Sarasota Unit 203, June 1.

$122,500 Demo Paul M III and Parker Bobbie to Hoopingarner Caleb B, Lot 37 Blk 3 Seminole Park, May 27.

$120,500 Bank of America, Bradley Da Sha, Sugar Mill Lakes Homeowners Association Inc, White Alvin L and White Terrance Nathaniel to Wells Fargo Bank, Lot 28 Sugar Mill Lakes 2015 Ca 002237, May 26.

$120,000 Mussman George R and Mussman Peggy S to Carvajal Luis Guillermo and Sarabia Johanna, Waterford Unit 202, May 26.

$118,000 Noll Fern to Hutto Jill M, Arbors at Pinebrook Unit 205, June 2.

$107,500 Prosser Melissa to Hill Barbara L, Mount Vernon Unit 9419, June 2.

$107,357 Neal Signature Homes LLC to Sarver Rolland R, Lot 13 River Wind, June 2.

$106,900 Nationstar Mortgage LLC and Vaughan Joan K to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation, Blk B Crescent Heights 2014 Ca 003711, June 2.

$104,000 Fannie Mae and Federal National Mortgage Association to Hendrix Richard Wiley, Palmetto Point, June 1.

$100,000 Kellner Edward G III and Kellner Edward G III to Manning Amy M and Manning James H, Heron Harbour Unit 406, June 2.

$100,000 Salvay Andres to Gomez Miguel, Lot 6 Blk 3 Mrs A D Coxs Plat, May 31.

$95,000 Kirkland Debra and Real Estate Mortgage Network Inc to Cam XIV Trust, HMC Assets LLC, Lot 37 Beck Estates 2014 Ca 000688, May 26.

$92,561 Good Patsy J to Corona Gilberto and Corona Graciela, Lot 48 Cayman Park, June 2.

$90,500 Deutsche Bank National Trust Company and GSAA Home Equity Trust 2006 8 to Cochrane Tyrone, Village at Townpark Unit 201, June 2.

$90,000 Mcmichael Kevin Arthur to Pentecost Bonita H and Pentecost Melvin M, Lot 30 Blk A Tidevue Estates, June 2.

$88,000 Blake Ronald J to Rich Daniel A, Sabal Palm Gardens Unit 8 F, June 2.

$87,000 Grant Bruce R to Trust No 369616 and Yka Fidu Inc, Lot 3 Blk A Highland Shores, June 2.

$85,100 Selene Finance LP to 12012 82nd Land Trust, ECTR 1 LLC, Blk 6 Parrish Annex 2014 Ca 001278, June 2.

$85,000 Heckman Melvin L and Heckman Phyllis J to Childress Donna, Westwinds Village Unit R 37, June 2.

$85,000 Stahl Douglas and Stahl Jerri to Abud Carla Bertin Stape and Rosen Daniel, Courtyard Square Unit 52, May 31.

$84,500 Fannie Mae to Eddington Cheryl J, Eddington Douglas W and Eddington Family Trust, Cordova Villas Unit D, May 27.

$82,000 Fannie Mae to Dean Scott, Country Club Manor, June 1.

$80,000 Delvecchio Robert, Hurley Linda and Linda Hurley 2011 Revocable Trust to Bruce Wilham M, Spicewood Unit 115, May 31.

$80,000 Hutt Robert A Jr and Panttila Jeanne N to Bacchus Audrey M and Bacchus Harold, Paradise Bay Estates Unit 45 4, May 26.

$80,000 Jaime Alex, Jaime Esperanza O, Jaime Marco A and Jaimie Alejandra to Deutsche Bank National Trust Company, Saxon Asset Securities Trust 2007 2, Blk C Ardmore 2015-Ca-002009, June 2.

$79,000 Cetrone Albert J and Cetrone Elaine J to Furnace Donald L and Furnace Kathy M, Terra Ceia Manor Unit 437, June 2.

$78,500 Keenan Richard J and Keenan Sandra R to Bruce William M, Spicewood Unit 125, May 31.

$78,000 Majeski Bonnie L and Wells Fargo Bank to Federal National Mortgage Association, Cortez Villa Unit 111 2015-Ca-003232, June 2.

$77,500 Gens Angelee and Gens Matthew T to Gens Angelee M and Gens Matthew T, Lot 20 Forest Pines, May 27.

$75,500 Muncy Richard L to Acquisto Margaret Lyons, Golf Lakes Residents Cooperative Unit 568, June 2.

$75,000 Greyhawk Landing West LLC to Sam Rodgers Properties Inc, Lot 222 Greyhawk Landing West, June 1.

$75,000 Martin William H and Weber Frederick to Constanzer Jonathan, Pomello Park, May 27.

$73,500 Derico Guadalupe, Rico Antonio, Rico Guadalupe, Rico Leopoldo and Ybarra Aida to Rico Antonio, Rico Guadalupe and Rico Leopoldo, Pt 7-34-18, Pt 7-34-18, May 26.

$72,500 Key Seal Coating Inc to Ducharme Brenda S, Ducharme Ronald L and Ducharme Theodore R Jr, Pt 5-35-22, June 2.

$72,100 Harris Stephen M, Securitized Asset Backed Receivables LLC Trust 2006 He2 and Wells Fargo Bank to Christenson LLC, Blk B Lenore Heights 2015-Ca-003666, May 26.

$70,000 Fannie Mae to Stevens Elizabeth P, Meadowcroft Unit 5633, May 31.

$70,000 Gay James to Potter Nancy Jayne, Bayshore Village Condominium I Unit 303, May 26.

$68,000 Ferguson Mary R and Ferguson Paul Jr to Kans Ann Marie, Blk N Floridana Mobile Homesite, June 2.

$67,000 Hislop Katherine L and Katherine L Hislop Revocable Living Trust to Ernst Kyle, Blk 29 Trailer Estates Second Addition, May 31.

$67,000 Ubuntu Palm LLC to Zaa Militza, Pt 35-36-22, May 31.

$63,500 Hatch John Micah and Stamper Jennifer M to Duarte Denise and Lopez Raul, Pt 8-35-22, June 1.

$60,000 Holt Walter E to Knisley Investments LLC, Blk 10 Palma Sola Park, June 2.

$59,000 Delta Transactions LLC to Dja Fidu Inc and Trust No 358616, Pt 1-35-17, June 2.

$58,500 Obrien Colleen P to Pagnotio Stephen V, Avista of Palm Aire Unit 4200, June 1.

$58,100 Harbor Community Bank, Leigh Jerry M and Leigh Martha Jane to JNK South LLC, 2015-Ca-005615, June 2.

$57,971 Bluegreen Vacations Unlimited Inc to Vacation Trust Inc, Resort Sixty Six, May 26.

$57,000 Stewart Jeffery T to Quantum Resolutions Inc, Garden Walk Unit 1906, May 27.

$56,500 Murphy Karon S and Murphy Lowell L to Faught Donna J and Faught James R, Lot 9 Blk 23 Trailer Estates, May 31.

$55,000 Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation to Delta Transactions LLC, Pt 1-35-17, June 2.

$54,000 Jefferson Bernice Bratcher and Wells Fargo Bank to Federal National Mortgage Association Association, Blk E Singeltary 2015-Ca-001327, May 26.

$52,700 Delta Transactions LLC to Mla Fidu Inc and Trust No 361716, Lot 404 Pinecrest, June 2.

$52,000 Wagner Robert F and Wagner Sandra J to Thompson Deborah A, Paradise Bay Estates Unit 30 2, June 2.

$51,000 Cokeley Jack R, Jackson Brenda S and Jackson James P Sr to Major John E and Major Michelle M, Golf Lakes Residents Cooperative Unit 725, June 2.

$50,000 Bussey Mark, Bussey Robert O 1990 Revocable Trust to Butler Michael T and Skogman John W, Bayshore on the Lake Unit 403B, June 1.

$49,100 Deshone Sherie, Mastr Adjustable Rate Mortgage Trust 2007 1, Taylor Sherie J and US Bank NA to Christenson LLC, Twin Cities 2014 Ca 003995, May 26.

$47,500 Sandvik Dale Stanley to Wennerstrand Richard S, Lot 9 Blk 10 Trailer Estates, June 1.

$47,000 Bare Cynthia J and Mcevoy James H to Anderson Daniel and Anderson Tracy, Pt 4-35-22, May 31.

$47,000 Hutchison Sharyl E and Sharyl E Hutchison Revocable Trust to Williston George H and Williston Kelly M, Terra Siesta Mobile Home Park Unit 04D, May 31.

$46,000 Whitte Marian A and Whitte Warren J to Jarvis Dallas E and Jarvis Mary Ann, Skyway Village Estates Unit 165, June 2.

$44,000 Benbow Gary A to Mantz Albert J and Mantz Teresa J, Plantation Village Co Op Inc Unit 206, June 2.

$44,000 Delta Transactions LLC to Joseph Arnite, Lot 36 Blk D Hazelhurst, June 2.

$42,000 Stone Walk Association LLC to Garcia Magdaleno Valle, Pt 31-34-18, May 31.

$41,400 Fannie Mae and to Delta Transactions LLC, Lot 36 Blk D Hazelhurst, June 2.

$35,000 Hendricks Linda to Quach David, Pt 18-35-18, May 27.

$31,000 Marilyn J Seddon Revocable Trust and Seddon Marilyn J to Clark Lyndal, Westwinds Village Unit E 13, June 2.

$30,000 Hacker Betty and Hacker Ron to Hillenburg Mark and Hillenburg Sheila, Tree Lakes Travel Trailer Unit 330, May 31.

$30,000 Patrick S Price Trust and Price Patrick S to Vickers Karen Burns and Vickers William Alan, Terra Siesta Mobile Home Park Unit 073, May 31.

$22,900 Durden Paul and Durden Wynelle to Burkhead Philip Wayne and Huffman Whitney Corrine, Lot 45 Pic Town, May 31.

$18,272 Butz William M and Clark Butz Kathleen Mary to Butz William M and Clark Butz Kathleen Mary, Lot 30 Treetops at North Forty Placid, May 26.

$16,000 Taylor Leroy W to Miller Carolyn and Miller Stanley, Pt 32-34-18, May 27.

$15,000 Beddow Carla A and Beddow Charles A IV to Lavelle Andrew, Point Pleasant Unit 6, May 31.

$12,500 Barker Lawrence L and Barker Theresa A to Taylor Jessica A and Taylor Patrick W, Via Roma Beach Resort Unit 18, May 31.

$12,000 Wagner James A to Miller Jill A, Jet Mobile Home Park Unit 223, June 2.

$7,700 Branch Banking and Trust Company, Ministral Alicia and Ministral Jose Julian to SAF Solutions LLC, Third Bayshore Unit E 24 201- Ca-001525, June 2.