12/22 Christmas Wishes: Squirrel Buster bird feeder

@BR Ednote:EDITOR’S NOTE: Each Christmas season, Bradenton Herald staff select their favorite gift selections from local businesses and nonprofits.

Gift suggestion: Squirrel Buster Plus wild bird feeder

Description: The bird feeder is squirrel proof. It has a long cylindrical tube with a collapsing perch at the bottom and it has two rain guards on it to keep rain from damaging seed. The feeder can hold 3 1/2 pounds of feed or three quarts and has a lifetime warranty against squirrel damage.

Cost: $89.99. But there are two smaller versions that are less including the Squirrel Buster Classic at $49.99 and the Squirrel Buster Mini at $26.99.

Why I like it: It uses the weight of the squirrel to collapse the perch so the squirrel can’t get to the feed. It has also a cardinal ring that allows cardinals to feed easier. It won an award from Bird Watch America for best new product of the year.

Where you can buy it: The Wild Bird Center, which has hundreds of items relating to backyard birding, at 8323 Lockwood Ridge Road. For more information, call (941) 351-9500 or visit

— Richard Dymond