At this new restaurant, you pick the seafood, how it’s cooked and the sauce

George’s Seafood House recently opened at 8419 Honore Ave. in an area that has become a hot spot for new retail businesses and eateries.

“What makes George’s different is that you pick your seafood, how you want it cooked, and the type of sauce you want. You create your own dish,” said Frank Huang, who owns the business with his wife, Christine Lu.

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The seafood platter at George’a Seafood House offers a variety of shellfish. provided photo

For instance, the main menu offers half-pound portions of shrimp, blue crab, Dungeness crab, snow crab, king crab, scallops and more. The diner chooses and decides how they want it cooked.

Prices start at $6.99 for crayfish or clams and go up from there. A half-pound of mussels or blue crab is $7.99, while a half-pound of shrimp is $10.99 and a half-pound of snow crab or lobster tail is $16.99.

The cooking options are crispy fried, steamed or pan-fried.

Sauces? They include Thai red coconut curry, black bean, Szechuan spicy, basil soy ginger and more.

One-pound portions are also available.

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The Thai Seafood Salad is one of the specialties at George’s Seafood House in University Park. provided photo

Fish choices include catfish, snapper and salmon.

All main dishes are served with steamed corn, potato and lemon wedges. Steamed seafood is served with clarified butter.

The house specialty is the “Golden Sands,” crispy fried seafood with toasted coconut, shallots and special seasonings.

Lunch specials are available starting at $8.99 and include steamed corn, potato wedges, a side and a drink.

George’s is a traditional mom-and-pop small business, with an all-family and close-friend staff.

The 24-seat restaurant also offers take out and delivery.

Prior to living in Florida, the owners lived in New York.

4 seafood.JPG
George’s Seafood House is located at 8419 Honore Ave., in University Park. James A. Jones Jr.

“I love the weather. You can go to the beach about every weekend,” Lu said.

Huang said that in addition to the weather, he likes the people and the easy drive from home.

Huang helps Le Liao with the chef duties, while Lu manages the front of the restaurant.

Although she doesn’t have much time for sports, Lu said she became a New York Yankees fan while living in the Big Apple. Her husband said he prefers the faster-paced NFL or NBA.

Assisting with the start up of the new restaurant is chef George Chu, a good friend of Huang’s.

Chu started working in restaurant kitchens in 1992 and has worked in many restaurant kitchens, including Great Crown Holiday Inn, Paulaner Brauhaus, Fuchun Resort, Carnival Cruise Line, and Barbara Smith Restaurants. He has worked in restaurants in Asia, Europe and Australia.

5 seafood.PNG
A popular dish at George’s Seafood House is the Golden Sands: crispy fried seafood with toasted coconut, shallots and seasonings. provided photo

George’s Seafood House is open 11 a.m.-10 p.m. Monday-Saturday, and 3-9 p.m. Sunday.

For more information, visit or call 941-210-7589.

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