New Bitplay lens system enhances iPhone picture capabilities

Bitplay’s new lens system is ideal for mobile photo enthusiasts.
Bitplay’s new lens system is ideal for mobile photo enthusiasts. Handout

The Bitplay SNAP! 7 iPhone case system is a solid and affordable way to use the iPhone’s digital photography features to create a true photography experience.

I’ve always maintained a smartphone works well as a camera but can’t replace the features and quality of a DSLR system. The bitplay system starts with a nice case, which is a fine product even without the lens system. But if you get the case, then get the lenses to make this system rock.

The case ($49.99) features an add-on grip for a better ergonomic camera feel and allows users to hold with one hand in a way that fingers won’t block the lens. The case also has a shutter button that works through the volume button, giving the feel of a natural position like in point-and-shoot cameras.

There’s also a thread to attach a tripod and a wrist strap, and it can still be used as a phone with the case and grip attached.

The lens system is interchangeable and screws into the case for a secure hold and is built with pro-level optics for enhanced clarity. The lens system includes a full-frame fisheye/macro ($34.99), circular fisheye/macro ($34.99), standard wide angle/macro ($24.99), 3X telephoto ($39.99) and a variety of accessories. There’s also an HD wide angle EF 18-mm lens with cinema optics for $99.99.

If you’re not familiar with the different fisheye lenses, the circular fisheye is exactly as it sounds. It provides a round image, with black filling the edges of the shot. The full-frame fisheye produces a standard rectangle image, with a curved fisheye effect.

I tested the system at a family outing, which I thought would be a common setting that most people would use the system. I spent the day using the full-frame fisheye, telephoto and the 18-mm.

After using the lenses for a while and then switching back to the phone’s bare lenses, I felt like I was missing something. So I went back to using the lenses, mostly the fisheye, since it’s about three times wider than the existing lens. The 18-mm was impressive with its higher-quality optics, enabling users to see very little distortion on the edges.

The 18-mm has a much-higher construction quality than the other bitplay lenses. The system gives users more of a photography feel and enhances the images with the wide and telephoto optics.

The standard fisheye/macro and the wide-angle/macro are two-piece lenses. You snap the top optic off to remove the fisheye and the lens becomes a macro.

All of these lenses are constructed with high quality aluminum and include a storage pouch. They are available in black or white for the iPhone 7, 7 Plus, 6, 6S and 6 Plus.


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