Faith Matters: How do we satisfy the cravings of our soul? Look inward for answers

We all know pregnant woman can have some strange cravings, but some are more bizarre than others.

One woman wanted to put Palmolive dish soap on her cheeseburger — but she was specific, it had to come from the pink bottle.

Another woman wanted to dip Doritos in cold clam chowder … for breakfast.

Then there was the woman who dunked Twinkies in Ranch salad dressing.

Doctors say cravings are our body’s way of communicating a deficiency. For example, when we crave coffee, our bodies need phosphorous. When we crave soda, we need calcium. When we crave chocolate, it’s our body’s way of saying it needs magnesium.

My body, evidently, needs lots of magnesium.

The danger exists, however, when we try to satisfy a craving with the wrong things. Our body will never get what it needs and thus will never quite be satisfied.

The same is true for our soul.

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Dr. J. Phillip Hamm is the senior pastor at First Baptist Church of Palmetto.

There are things in life we all want, and we spend our life trying to find them. We all want comfort, love, affection, sympathy, joy and harmony, to name a few. All of these are good desires given by God, but the danger is in how we try to satisfy these desires.

We can easily get caught in the trap of looking in the wrong place for the right thing. We look to dating to satisfy our desire for affection, or we look to marriage to satisfy our desire for love.

We look to babies and children to satisfy our desire for joy, or we look to jobs or positions to satisfy our desire for purpose.

We look to degrees, wealth, hobbies and the accumulation of nice things to bring satisfaction to our lives. When we look to the wrong place to satisfy our desires, we will never find contentment, and the good desires we have never get satisfied.

The issue is as old as time itself. Many years ago, the Apostle Paul wrote to a little church in the city of Philippi. He told them what they were looking for could never be satisfied in and of themselves.

Rather, he continued, satisfaction is only found in the person of Jesus Christ (see Philippians 2:1-11) He was the one who designed their souls. Therefore, He was the one who knew best how to satisfy them.

So the question we are left with is not about what we crave. Rather, the question is how do we go about satisfying the cravings of our soul?

Everything we try seems to fall short, but following Jesus offers us a satisfaction like no other.

Dr. J. Phillip Hamm is the senior pastor at First Baptist Church of Palmetto. Reach the church at 941-722-7795 or visit Faith Matters is a regular feature of Saturday’s Bradenton Herald written by local clergy members.

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