Here are 8 ways to celebrate International Dog Day with your best friend

Need some ideas on how to shower your pup with some extra lovin’ Monday for International Dog Day?

Founded in 2004 by Colleen Paige, a pet and family lifestyle expert and animal advocate, the day recognizes a dog’s importance and the human lives enriched. The day is also meant to draw attention to the problems surrounding abused and abandoned dogs, according to the National Dog Day website.

Here’s eight ways you can celebrate your tail-wagging buddy:

1. Adopt a dog at your local animal shelter

If you already have too many pooches, you can always go volunteer. Some shelters, rescues and centers even have “doggy date” type programs that let you take a shelter dog out for a few hours to walk, relax and have some fun.

2. Buy them a toy ... or two ... or five

Yes, you can always buy them a new leash or collar, but there’s nothing like seeing your dog throw around his new toy. Extra points if it squeaks.

3. Have a doggy photoshoot

Make them your Instagram muse (as if they weren’t already) and start snapping photos. Then, post the cutest ones on your favorite social media platform with the mandatory pawprint and heart emoji.

4. Take them to the dog park or on a long walk

Not only is this great exercise for you and your pup, they might make a new friend along the way.

5. Pamper them

You can always take them to the groomer, but your furbaby will probably prefer to be brushed by you than a complete stranger. They may not love the bath part of this “spa day,” but they’ll forgive you once you give them some extra snuggles.

6. Give them an extra treat

Once they finish eating dinner, surprise them with a treat. They’ll gobble it right up and stare at you with this big round eyes, asking for more. Then, give them another one. They’ll feel like they hit the jackpot.

7. Donate supplies to animals in need

Contact local shelters and rescue centers and see what they need. Maybe its a few blankets, some toys or even some boxes of food.

8. Spend some extra time with your pooch

There’s nothing more your dog would love than being curled up next to you all day. Maybe just don’t watch The Lion King, some puppies like Luna from Chattanooga, Tennessee will get emotional with Mufasa’s death.

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