Letters to the Editor

‘Deplorables’ were heroes after 9/11

What were your thoughts that morning, 15 years and five months ago, on Sept. 11, 2001 when you saw horrific scenes unfold on live TV of the second plane flying into the World Trace Center, flames, smoke, people jumping to death rather than incinerate, of terrified people fleeing or of heroes running into unimaginable danger and death?

Letters to the Editor

We need more roads in Florida, not jobs

As the December to April traffic jam season heats up, we still hear Gov. Rick Scott constantly calling for more jobs. Why do we need more jobs? What we need is more roads. I don't need a job. I already have a job. I need to get to my job. Please, Governor Scott, we need more roads, not more jobs.

Letters to the Editor

Planned Parenthood deserves our funding

Let me repeat, no federal funding is used for abortions. Funding for Planned Parenthood must continue. Do not let the discussion of abortions, which are not federally funded, interfere with the ability of men and women to keep accessing the reproductive health services that Planned Parenthood provides.

Letters to the Editor

Prayer breakfast shows faith in kids

The Take Stock in Children Manatee Leadership Prayer Breakfast with 810 people attending will forever change the lives of 20 deserving Manatee County students. Thank you to all who supported and donated. Hearing the students’ stories, seeing pictures of this year's graduating seniors and the pictures of the 2017 class of new scholars, told the audience the story of TSIC and why their support matters.

Letters to the Editor

Hunzeker one of top execs in Florida

As a former chief and public safety director, finally IT director with a long prior private sector executive career, I have a standing to comment on the shameful way Commissioners Vanessa Baugh and Robin DiSabatino characterize the county administrator. Consider this: His first five years were spent force-reducing government by 35 percent due to recession, through attrition, departmental mergers, early retirements, judicious use of reserves, etc. to minimized impact on employees or level of service to county residents. Meanwhile, the county experienced its fastest historical growth rate. That is leadership. The team he assembled lived it, appreciated it, and even reveled in it while things got done – in contrast to less capable teams in other counties. Baugh and DiSabatino want “change” – but from what to what?

Letters to the Editor

Democrats fighting a losing battle

What is the state of the Democratic Party? The party’s ideology has moved more left of center over the past 54 years. However, over the past eight years, it has moved even farther left. During the Obama administration, the party lost more than 1,000 political leadership positions from local, county, state and federal governments. It appears the party’s politicians are now more concerned with the party’s socialist ideology than the welfare of the country.


Faith United. Methodist Church celebrates

Northwest Bradenton church celebrates 30 years Sunday.
Richard Dymond Bradenton Herald
Faith United. Methodist Church celebrates 2:23

Faith United. Methodist Church celebrates

Faith United Methodist Church members excited about trip 2:34

Faith United Methodist Church members excited about trip

Bradenton church choir heading to New York 1:04

Bradenton church choir heading to New York

Jake Ross wins Saint Stephen's first district title 0:26

Jake Ross wins Saint Stephen's first district title