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How did you feel during Week 2 of college football? Watch this guy channel your inner fan

Cameron “Scooter” Magruder, a YouTube personality, released a video on college football fans in Week 2. He acts like a fan of each school represented, which includes UM, FSU, UF and UCF among others.
Cameron “Scooter” Magruder, a YouTube personality, released a video on college football fans in Week 2. He acts like a fan of each school represented, which includes UM, FSU, UF and UCF among others.

Want to know how various college football fans felt during Week 2 this past weekend?

Orlando-based Cameron Magruder, who has more than 204,000 subscribers on his YouTube channel and 70.4 thousand Twitter followers, broke it down in a hilarious video Wednesday that involved 34 different programs.

Magruder, known by his nickname “Scooter,” wears shirts of the different schools as he acts like a fan of those teams in clips that are edited together for the three minute video that’s been seen nearly 30,000 times on Twitter as of early Wednesday afternoon.

It begins with Magruder sitting on a couch wearing a South Carolina T-shirt to watch the Gamecocks game with Georgia.

“Georgia don’t know what’s about to hit [them],” Magruder said.

It transitions into him wearing a Georgia Bulldogs shirt.

“Oh! Interception,” he screams as a UGA fan.

While the entire video is funny, there are some top moments involving other Power 5 schools as well as schools in Florida.

About 20 seconds into the video, Magruder is wearing a North Carolina shirt.

“We’re a basketball school,” he says.

UNC lost to East Carolina 41-19 last Saturday.

“We don’t lose 32 in a row,” he says around 30 seconds into the video while wearing a Kentucky Big Blue Nation shirt. “We’re about to shock the world, baby!”

Heading toward the minute mark in the video, Magruder is shown complaining as a Nebraska fan. Then it shifts to him wearing a UCF shirt and national champions hat, while holding a phone.

“Nebraska lost? Interesting,” he says.

The Huskers lost 33-28 to Colorado on Saturday.

Around 1:08 into the video, Magruder is wearing a Penn State shirt.

“Why are we struggling against Pitt?” he asks.

“We lost,” he says wearing a Pitt Panthers shirt.

“We’re good,” he says as a Penn State fan.

Then 1 minute, 30 seconds into the video, Magruder amps the comedy up a bit more with the following quick hits:

  • As a UK fan, “That’s a fumble! That’s game! Let’s go!” ... transitions into a clip of him as a UK fan phoning his mom saying, “Mom, we did it!”
  • As a UF fan, he’s complaining it’s all former head coach Jim McElwain’s fault and Dan Mullen has to undo it all.
  • At that moment, still as a UF fan, he comments about the development of Samford beating Florida State. “FSU is losing to Samford!” he screams.
  • As a Miami Hurricanes fan, he says: “FSU is losing to Samford?”
  • As an FSU fan: “How are we losing to Samford?
  • Back as a Miami fan, he’s laughing.
  • Back to him as an FSU fan: “Fire Willie Taggart!”
  • Now as a UCF fan: “We are the best school in Florida,” he says, “Again.”
  • As a Miami fan: “I liked our old turnover chain better.”
  • As a UCF fan: “We are winning the national championship, again.”
  • As a UF fan: “C’mon Samford!”
  • As a Samford fan: “Why is it taking them so long to spot the ball?”
  • As an FSU fan, typing on a phone: “Hashtag Fire Willie Taggart, at him. Tweet.”
  • As an Oregon fan: “Tried to tell you he wasn’t that good.”
  • As a Miami fan: “FSU has a turnover backpack? They want to be like us so bad.” A little later, he’s an FSU fan again and asks, “We have a turnover backpack?” He gives a look and says, “I guess.”
  • As a UF fan: “They better not lose.”
  • As an FSU fan: “Oh, interception! Let’s go!”
  • As a Samford fan: “That was a block in the back.”
  • As a UF fan: “Dang.” As a Miami fan: “Dang.”
  • As a Samford fan: “We were so close!”
  • As an FSU fan: “Never been so excited to beat an FCS team.” Then as a UF fan on the phone with the FSU fan, he says, “But y’all almost lost to ...” As the FSU fan: “Almost lost to Samford, y’all lost to Kentucky, though. Do you want to talk about that?” As a UF fan: “Listen. Kentucky might just be good. Kentucky might be good this year. We don’t know. We don’t know. But what we do know is y’all almost lost to Samford.”

The video ends with him as a Kansas Jayhawks fan saying, “Wait, we won a game?”

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