Firestine’s disqualification opens door for Gibson at Desoto Speedway

Herald Staff Report

Track emergency personnel attend to a wreck during Saturday’s race card at Desoto Speedway on July 9.
Track emergency personnel attend to a wreck during Saturday’s race card at Desoto Speedway on July 9.

Jeff Firestine’s car failed a postrace inspection, handing the Street Stocks feature victory to Kenny Gibson at Desoto Speedway on Saturday night.

Firestine, who had the fastest qualifying lap, started 12th in the 21-car field after a 12-car inversion. Gibson started 10th.

Both moved through the field and Firestine took the lead with a three-wide pass on a lap 17 restart. He led the rest of the way in the 75-lap feature.

Gibson crossed the line second after James Nanney spun in turn four. When Firestine’s car failed inspection, he was disqualified, and Gibson was awarded his first win of the season in Street Stocks. Danny Caylor finished second.

The Sportsman Madness 50 feature lived up to its name when a crash on the seventh lap damaged the cars of the three leaders: Colin Allman, Patrick Thomas and Earl Beckner. Sean Bass took advantage, taking the lead on lap 12 and dominated the rest of the way; only cautions tightened the field. Jason Vail and George Gorham finished second and third.

In other features, Aaron Holmes earned his first Bomber win; Blaine Baer went through the middle on a three-wide pass on the first lap and went on to win the 25-lap Pure Stock feature; Darrin Ellis won the 20-lap Modified Mini Stock feature; and Johnny Marra won the 25-lap Mini Stock feature.

Racing action returns to Desoto Speedway on July 30 with the Super Late Model, Desoto Pro Trucks, Pure Stocks, Street Stocks, Modified Mini Stocks, Mini Stocks and Bombers.


Sportsman: 1. Sean Bass; 2. Jason Vail; 3. George Gorham; 4. Tom Zimmerman; 5. Bruce Bennett; 6. Brooke Storer; 7. Joey Sims; 8. Timothy Todd; 9. Earl Beckner; 10. Josh Borem; 11. Rick Reed; 12. Mike Smith; 13. Roger Welch; 14. Bret Jenkins; 15. Patrick Thomas.

Street Stock: 1. Kenny Gibson; 2. Danny Caylor; 3. Mike Rowland; 4. Travis Barfield; 5. Pete Close; 6. Jason Bartrum; 7. James Nanney; 8. Bobby Huffstutler; 9. Joe Humet; 10. Bobby Destler; 11. Donnie Power ; 12. Garrett Thompson; 13. Danny Daniels; 14. Scott Finch; 15. Keith Neff; 16. Todd Brown; 17. Adam King; 18. Duane Best; 19. Joe Gerard; 20. James Knight.

Pure Stock: 1. Blaine Baer; 2. Jacob Berkevich; 3. Sherry Best; 4. Dalton Ellis; 5. Roger Dufrense; 6. Travis Todd; 7. Bill Osborne

Bombers: 1. Aaron Holmes; 2. Jeff Warren; 3. Josh Todd; 4. Randy Spicer; 5. Bobby Mobley; 6. Doug Radley; 7. Josh Hall; 8. Ann Marie Ricarrdi; 9. Kenny Gibson; 10. Adam Briggs; 11. Rick Norman

Modified Mini: 1. Darrin Ellis; 2. Mike Karrivan; 3. Brad Blanton; 4. Jimmie Frazier; 5. Keith Roggen

Mini Stock: 1. Johnny Marra; 2. Jimmie Best