Campbell rules Enduro races

The field awaits the start for a race Saturday at Desoto Speedway.
The field awaits the start for a race Saturday at Desoto Speedway.

A broken axle was all that stood in the way of Richard Campbell sweeping the three Enduro-class events Saturday at Desoto Speedway.

The Sarasota resident, back at the track after a two-month break, led from start to finish with a new car in the 35-lap Enduro feature. Duane Campbell finished second and Nick Draganov was third.

Campbell led start to finish in a 10-lap road course through the track’s infield. Duane Campbell and Draganov were second and third again.

He led again in the 10-lap flag pole race, , an event in which cars had to maneuver around “poles” on the straightaways, before a broken axle cleared the way for Duane Campbell’s victory.

In other action, Wally Smith lapped all but one bus on his way to winning the 20-lap School Bus Figure 8 feature; Gerald Overstreet outlasted Aaron Yankee to win the small car demolition derby; and Jeff Cox won the big car demolition derby.

Desoto Speedway will be closed next weekend for a drifting event and returns to racing action on July 9 with the DASS Sportsman, a 75-lap feature for the Take Aim Gun Range Street Stocks, Pure Stocks, Mini Stocks, Modified Minis and Bombers.


Enduro: 1. Richard Campbell; 2. Duane Campbell; 3. Nick Draganov; 4. Michael Meek; 5. Matt Carpenter; 6. Kyle Case; 7. Joe Lombardi; 8. Carl Arrigoni; 9. Molly Lombardi; 10. Trevor Appling; 11. Kyle Best; 12. Stephen Babcock; 13. Bill Osborne; 14. Steve Majors; 15. James Prochaska; 16. Leigh Sterrett; 17. Anne Osborne; 18. Justin Arrigoni; 19. Arron Yahnke; 20 Billy Benoit; 21. Josh Bridges.

Road Course: 1. Richard Campbell; 2. Duane Campbell; 3. Nick Daraganov; 4. Arron Yanke; 5. Matt Carpenter; 6. Joe Lombardi; 7. Justin Arrigoni; 8. Michael Meeks; 9. Steve Majors; 10. Kyle Case; 11. Trevor Appling; 12. Molly Lombardi; 13. Leigh Sterrett; 14. Anne Osborne.

School Bus: 1. Wally Smith; 2. Jeremy Bates; 3. Amy Jones; 4. James Kaweki; 5. Trevor Appling; 6. Gator Volk.

Flag Pole: 1. Duane Campbell; 2. Nick Draganov; 3, Kyle Case; 4. Leigh Sterrett; 5. Anne Osborne; 6. Justin Arrigoni; 7, Steve Majors; 8. Trevor Appling; 9. Richard Campbell; 10. Matt Carpenter; 11. Joe Lombardi; 12. Molly Lombardi; 13. Kyle Best; 14. Michael Meek.

Little Demo: 1. Gerald Overstreet; 2. Aaron Yahnke; 3. Joe Lombaddi; 4. Dalton Ellis; 5. Justin Arrigoni.

Big Demo: 1. Jeff Cox; 2. John Cash; 3. Zac Giles; 4. Joe Lombardi; 5. Michael Cox; 6. Billy Benoit; 7. Aaron Yanke; 8. Ricky Rinehart; 9. Todd Cox; 10. Brandon Gibson; 11. Randy Kile.