MLFB Official: Big Picture Fine

Some things are just not meant to be: The IRS is not going to give us a waiver on our taxes, and snowfall in South Florida is a safe bet not to happen.

Professional football in the spring is unlikely, and MLFB’s string of broken promises is giving all us a giant headache.

Those folks at Major League Football received an eviction notice for non-payment of rent this week, and it would be hard to find a person who is surprised.

The MLFB said it was chasing a dream. Unfortunately, the kind of dream it was pursuing takes money, and it appears the organization is short on that commodity.

Let’s not blame anyone. Let’s just put this calamity behind us.

You can’t blame Schroeder-Manatee Ranch for filing the eviction. MLFB failed to make its monthly rent of $11,918 from March through June for its office space on University Parkway.

The average person would be out on the street for such dereliction.

The folks of Manatee County have been through this before. Not that long ago we were supposed to have minor league pro ice hockey and Arena Football. They even started to build a facility, which was never completed and turned into rubble of broken dreams.

We wouldn’t even blame MLFB, if it would just stop making promises that are going to break. They have put more than 600 people, including players and coaches, into a perpetual state of limbo.

Unfortunately, the only dream MLFB caught was a nightmare.

We all learned back in fourth grade math class if you don’t have the money there are certain things left better alone.

History is not on MLFB’s side. If the USFL, XFL and WFL couldn’t survive, what made us think MLFB was going to be a success.

The USFL folded and it had Donald Trump and pro wrestling magnate Vince McMahon, along marquee players such as Herschel Walker, Doug Flutie, Steve Young, Jim Kelly and the minister of defense Reggie White.

Frank Murtha, MLFB senior vice-president, said last year that the USFL failed because it moved to the fall and had owners competing against each other.

“There was a market for spring football and our studies show that has increased . Many of the leagues have not been physically and financially well managed or well capitalized,” he said when MLFB planted its first seeds here. “We are single-entity form of ownership, and that is the big difference between us and the USFL.”

Right now, MLFB is a business that can’t pay its rent. The only thing worse is a league that can’t pay its players so maybe everyone should be thankful.

What’s troublesome is that when MLFB first came here it was dealing with substantial debt according to filings with the U.S. Securities & Exchange Commission. League officials said that report was incomplete and didn’t reflect the company’s true financial situation and things would be cleared up in subsequent SEC filings.

A lot has happened since, including the league canceling the season for reasons that were not totally clear, but seemed to be caused by lack of finances.

MLFB officials say they have a $20 million pledge from a funding group in the Far East, and Murtha said Friday in a three word response: “Big Picture Fine.”

The only appropriate response: “Show Me The Money.”