Is Tim Tebow too stubborn for his own good?

Heading into the dog days of summer with the Tampa Rays looking like an advertisement for mediocrity and the Bucs trying to solicit hope from a battered fan base, here are some questions to ponder and lighten the mood.

Is Tim Tebow too stubborn for his own good?

Any word that elicits even a microscopic hint of negativity regarding Tebow is viewed as sacrilegious from his followers, but we cannot avoid this.

Now, 28, Tebow says he hasn’t given up on his dream to play in the NFL.

The truth be known Tebow would probably have a roster spot if he was willing to make the switch from quarterback to tight end.

It is the smart move and one his fans would love. Tebow-mania would spiral out of control, and the world would be a better place.

“You pursue what’s on your heart; you pursue what you’re passionate about and for me in the game of football, that is the position of quarterback,” Tebow said “You do what’s on your heart, what you’re passionate about and that’s what I tried to do.”

You can admire Tebow sticking to his guns, but when he was cut by Chip Kelly and the Philadelphia Eagles the handwriting was on the wall. And the thought of Tebow catching passes from a guy like the Saints’ Drew Brees is awful exciting, so c’mon Timmy give it a try.

What’s with John Elway and all that fake money?

You can understand Jerry Jones being tight with his money. The late Al Davis who owned the Raiders was notorious for being cheap, and Hugh Culverhouse’s reluctance to part with his money when the Bucs were the Yucks lives in infamy.

But Elway is a former player, who in his role as GM and executive VP of the Denver Broncos has shown no mercy to his players when it comes to contract negotiations. Has he forgotten so fast where he came from?

So how does Elway sleep at night? Apparently pretty good after celebrating his Super Bowl title from last year.

Elway is tight with the Broncos money and team leaks about those testy contract negotiations always make the players look bad.

When disputes with players get nasty the franchise has been to known to throw out contract figures that belong in a monopoly game because they are not worth the paper they are printed on. It’s a reason Dominque Rodgers-Cromartie bailed out of Denver a few years ago. The team tried to make him look ungrateful by throwing out some of that “fake” money when in truth they were only guaranteeing one year.

“Guarantee” is the golden word in NFL contracts. Anything else is an exercise in fantasy.

Now Super Bowl MVP Von Miller is the latest villainous creation of the franchise. He was reportedly offered a six-year, $114.5 million contract, but only the first two years (for $39.8 million) are guaranteed.

When the Eagles offered defensive tackle Fletcher Cox a guaranteed $63 million deal it emboldened Miller and the ante went up for Elway whether or not he wants to accept it.

Why does Pete Rose get bashed over Ichiro Suzuki hit record?

Banned from the Baseball’s Hall of Fame, Pete’s claim to his legitimacy as an all time great is that he is Major League Baseball’s all-time hits leader with 4,256.

But some are trying to take that away by anointing Ichiro Suzuki the all-time hits leader by including the 1,278 hits in got in Japan, which enable him to pass Charlie Hustle.

Rose stood up for his own record this week and got bashed for it. How come no one is calling Sadaharu Oh, who hit 868 homers in Japan’s league, the all-time home run king instead of Barry Bonds, who hit a lot of his homers thanks to the pharmaceutical industry. Japanese baseball is good, but it’s not the major leagues.

Does Dirk Koetter have an anger issue?

The new Bucs head coach went off on the media when asked about a fight that broke out last week during mini-camp. The question was rather innocuous and could’ve been handled with light-hearted humor. Could Koetter’s response indicate he is too sensitive for his own good especially with him berating the media in the middle of the underwear football season? Coaching a team that buried itself in penalties last year, one would think Koetter wants to show he is under control even if he doesn’t like a question from the media.