District places well at World Singles Shuffleboard Championship tourney

The 34th World Singles Championship at Clearwater last week, Oct. 25-30 was organized by the International Shuffleboard Association. Players competed from 13 nations, and six were from the Southwest Coast District of the Florida Shuffleboard Association.

In the Ladies Division, Shirley McCullough, of Trailer Estates, placed 6th. Erika Berg, of Bradenton Shuffle Club, placed 13th, and Siggy Gudzus, of Tidevue Estates in Ellenton, placed 31st out of 48 entries.

John L. Brown, of Trailer Estates, placed 1th out of 64 men. Gene McCullough, of Trailer Estates, placed 15th, and Peter Berg, of Bradenton, placed 17th. The Bergs represented Canada in the World Singles, which is held bi-annually on odd years. Team competitions are held on even years, the next coming in 2016 to be played in St. Cloud on their 24 courts under a new roof. Each nation will have six players.


FL P-04A

In Lee County, Oct. 26 -- Open M/L Doubles, 75 points. Ladies Main: 1. Pam Nurnberger-Judy Taylor, 2. Nancy Sclafani-Joyce Marquis. Consolation: 1. Terri Smith. 3. Claudia Kellogg-Judy Cross. Men Main: 2. Dave Kudro-Mel Erb, 3. Faren VanDeGrift-Jim L. Miller. Consolation: 1. Ralph Lozano-Clarence Gingerich, 2. Jerry Stannard-Jerry Everett.

FL A-01

In St. Petersburg, Oct. 26 -- State Tournament for Amateurs, Any Ams/Any Doubles, 12 frames. Main: 2. Ruby Flickinger-Gerry Johnson.


At Trailer Estates, Oct. 29 -- M/L Draw Doubles, Restricted to State Ams and Pros. Men Main: 1. Hank Hoekstra-Dwayne Cross, 2. Ron Nurnberger-Faren VanDeGrift, 3. Mike Marquis-Charlie DeVries, 4. Dave Welsh-Vern Wallingford. Consolation: 1. Ed Leonard-Paul Nadeau, 2. John Stuart-Bill Comford, 3. Ralph Lozano-Dave Kudro, 4. Gerry Johnson-John Ulicny. Ladies Main: 1. Pam Nurnberger-Marlene Coburn, 2. Judy Cross-Nancy Sclafani, 3. Bonnie Walker-Linda Wallingford, 4. Marie Hunter-Marlene Slosser. Consolation: 1. Tammy Heppeard-Ruby Flickinger, 2. Adriana Cramton-Kathy Boutwell, 3. Marilyn Everett-Elaine Jarvis, 4. Gloria Hollander-Pat Tomko.


At Trailer Estates, Oct. 30 -- Any Amateurs/Draw Doubles. 16 frames or 75 points. State Ams do not receive any move-up points in lower division. Main: 1. Shirley Pendergrass-Arnie Congdon, 2. Gilles Emard-Ned Fogarty, 3. Donna Schults-Doris Mularz, 4. Gary Lindsay-Terry Weigel. Consolation: 1. Bill Bierema-Kay Thoreson, 2. Jan Gandy-Larry Belsley, 3. Jim Clark-Cindy Slaughterbeck, 4. Phyllis Gochenour-Steve Slaughterbeck.

Upcoming tournaments

Today is the second day of the FL P-5 National Open Singles in Bradenton, M/L Walking and Non-Walking with a 16-player minimum for each division. Walking 75 points, Non-Walking 12 frames or 75 points. Today is also the second day of FL A-02 at Lakeland, Any Amateurs, Any Doubles, 75 points.

Thursday, Nov. 5, SWCD D-5 in Palmetto, Draw Doubles, M/L, Restricted to State Ams and Pros. 16 frames or 75 points. Palmetto will have lunch.

Friday, Nov. 6, SWCD A-2, Any Amateurs, Any Doubles, Draw. State amateurs no move-up points. Palmetto will have lunch.

Nov. 9, FL P-06A at Deland, P-06B at Port Charlotte, M/L Doubles, 75 points, Open to all. Also, Nov. 9, FL A-03 at Sebring, Any Amateurs /Any Doubles, 75 points.


On Saturday, Nov. 7 at Bradenton Shuffle Club at 1:00 p.m., the SWCD will hold an open board meeting.

15-of-32 players placing at Lee County on Oct. 26-28 were from the Southwest Coast District. The other 17 were all from the Southern District.

Dr. Bob Jones Jr. won the Men's Division at the World Singles at Clearwater, his first time entering a World Singles competition. Dr. Jones is a member of the Lakeside, OH, Shuffle Club and is only 44 years old. Professionally, he is a supervisor of a group of doctors at Cleveland Clinic.

Mrs. Alice Enos, of Lee County, placed first in the Ladies Division, also her first singles tournament. Congratulations to both of these two outstanding performers.

Happy Shuffling.