Pittsburgh Pirates players make their pitch for best baseball movies

They possess memorable characters and lines. The plots are even substantial enough to leave a lasting mark.

And they stand up over time.

Some were identifiable on a personal level.

These are baseball movies that Pittsburgh Pirates’ players tabbed as their favorites.

America’s pastime is a subject that Hollywood hasn’t shied away from over the years. And while a baseball-focused film didn’t snag Best Picture at this year’s Academy Awards, there are plenty of baseball flicks that are critically acclaimed.

From the Lou Gehrig biopic, “Pride of the Yankees,” in 1942, which received 11 Oscar nominations, to the sabermetric-laden “Moneyball,” in 2011, which picked up six nominations, there are plenty of solid baseball movies throughout the years.

Did either of those movies make the cut with Pittsburgh players?

Check out which baseball movies they selected as their favorites.

David Freese

The third baseman went with a classic baseball comedy with, “Major League.”

“It’s hysterical,” Freese said. “The characters are fun. And then once you ... get up here (in the majors), you start identifying with the characters that throw in the movies.”

So who is MLB’s version of Ricky “Wild Thing” Vaughn?

Freese said he hasn’t met anyone like that in the clubhouse.

The movie was highly successful, spawning two sequels.

Jordy Mercer

Pittsburgh’s veteran shortstop chose a 1990s family baseball movie in, “Little Big League.”

There were several family-friendly baseball movies released during the time this one about a 12-year-old inheriting ownership of the Minnesota Twins after his grandfather passes away.

“I remember I’d go rent it on VHS,” Mercer said. “It was always fun to watch.”

Steven Brault

A left-handed pitcher, Brault said his favorite is, “Field of Dreams,” while “For Love of the Game” is a close second.

“We used to go on vacations driving a motor home around with my family, and we always had Field of Dreams on tap,” Brault said. “I’ve probably watched it hundreds of times. I absolutely love that movie.”

Tyler Glasnow

The former top prospect that made his MLB debut in 2016 went with a movie he grew up with, “The Sandlot.”

Glasnow also listed “Field of Dreams” as part of his top two.

“I don’t know why I had such a weird obsession with ‘Sandlot,’ but I watched it all the time,” Glasnow said.

Corey Dickerson

Like Glasnow, the former Tampa Bay Rays outfielder picked “The Sandlot” as a favorite growing up.

“Still to this day, it brings back the fun in the game,” Dickerson said.

However, Dickerson said he doesn’t have an all-time favorite, insisting he likes them all.

Christopher Bostick

A Pittsburgh prospect, Bostick selected a movie that resonated the underdog role with, “Hardball.”

The Keanu Reeves-led 2001 film about a Little League baseball team from the inner city was a hit with Bostick.

“It makes you think a little bit,” Bostick said. “Life is precious. Every day is special. Don’t take it for granted. It’s not always the people you think are going to win are going to win.”

Bostick said that movie speaks to how his career has gone.

“I’ve never really been the biggest prospect or the most talked about person, but just try to plug away every day,” Bostick said. “And keep going.”

Herald picks

The following are some good ones that Pittsburgh players didn’t select: “Bull Durham,” “A League of Their Own,” “The Natural,” “42” and “The Bad News Bears” (the original with Walter Matthau).