Letters to the Editor

Gun controls vital to stop slaughters

The Rev. Frank Sturgell (Letters, July 3) thinks that the House Democrats “sit-in” to protest inaction on gun control was “as sad as the obscene mass killing in Orlando.” Really? I think what is sad is that we have a Congress that is so afraid of the NRA that it won’t even vote to keep guns out of the hands of terrorists.

California has just enacted bans on assault-type weapons that have no business being possessed by the general public. It is also requiring background checks for the purchase of ammunition. That’s a good start.

However, laws that only require background checks or that close gun show loopholes are not enough. We need to reduce the number of guns in our society and severely restrict the types of weapons available.

The Second Amendment is not absolute. It wasn’t even intended by our Founding Fathers to promote individual gun rights. Read the Federalist Papers (number 29) if you doubt this. Alexander Hamilton is clearly speaking about the wisdom of state militias being under the command of the national executive in times of war. Our founders didn’t like the idea of a federal standing army so they wanted citizens to be part of state militias. Bring your own musket.

We don’t live in the 18th century where single-shot guns were needed to bring home dinner. We live in the 21st century with easy-to-use weapons of mass destruction.

A few members of Congress causing a commotion for a day is not sad. A country that can only manage a moment of silence in the face of repeated mass killings is sad.

Franklin Roberts