Letters to the Editor

Campaign signs need to meet codes

We congratulate candidates on the opportunity they have to represent the Floridians in our community!

Keep Manatee Beautiful, the local affiliate of the 45 Keep America Beautiful Affiliates of Florida, is dedicated to promoting community awareness and involvement in litter prevention, recycling and beautification throughout Manatee County. This is accomplished by orchestrating a series of programs and events that organize groups of volunteers who engage in litter cleanups, outdoor beautification projects and tree plantings. Our more than 10,000 volunteers have been successful in making visible differences in the environmental quality of our community.

Keep America Beautiful and its affiliates emphasize individual responsibility and community involvement by encouraging citizens to enhance public properties that we all share. Candidates for elected office can assist our local community by properly placing campaign signs before the election and by removing them after the election in a timely manner.

Please remember, it is important to inform your campaign workers to properly place and promptly remove your campaign signs.

Signs within any public rights-of-way (city, county or state) or on public lands, except government signs, are prohibited.

Political signs may be erected on private property in conformance with all other requirements of government codes. The private property line may begin at the fence or on the private property side of utility poles/boxes. In unincorporated Manatee County, the required setback for political signs from the property line in non-residential districts shall be five (5) feet.

Inappropriately placed signs on public properties will need to be reported to local code enforcement entities or to the Manatee County Citizens Action Center at (941) 747-4357.

We ask candidates to act in accordance with local codes in placing their campaign signs. These codes are available at the Manatee County's Supervisor of Elections Office in their Candidate Qualifying Information folder.

Ingrid McClellan, M.A., M.Ed., M.S., executive director, Keep Manatee Beautiful