Letters to the Editor

A fix well done by roofers

In today’s world it seems as though we only hear bad news or complaints. We are all guilty of sharing when a company does not perform the job well or if a person is rude, arrogant or whatever. This letter is not one of those; just the opposite!

On Friday, June 24, I arrived home to find my countertops flooded, my carpeting saturated and my condo smelling like rain water. Our condo association had employed Manson Roofing to replace the roofs on our buildings. During the unexpected downpour on Friday, the roof leaked into our unit.

We notified Manson Roofing and they immediately starting taking care of us. They have been in constant contact, addressing all of the issues associated with the flood.

Now, you could say, “Well, they should have.” I agree; however, Manson Roofing went over and beyond what was necessary to work with us to reach a solution to the problems.

So, in a world of complaining, bad news and rude people, I want to publicly thank Bruce Manson and Manson Roofing for a job well done!

Debi Clark