Letters to the Editor

Nation fallen from high graces

America! How we have fallen as a nation. How could we forsake all the good things God blessed us with?

We were given a great land with natural beauty, rich land, forest, natural resources of water and minerals. Our form of government was the envy of all other nations.

We were like the nation of Israel in the Bible promised a land flowing with milk and honey. However, they turned away from following God. Sadly, we have followed the same pattern they did and now are reaping what we have sown by rejecting Him and His goodness.

Why did we forget and become so proud and arrogant after fighting and surviving two world wars? We began to think man did not need any help from the Lord. So greed, selfishness, lax morals, wanting sexual pleasure without consequences, killing the unborn, gaining wealth at all cost, leaving the raising of our children to the state, and the list goes on ... became the law.

We made ourselves a god of entertainment, the worship of music, the arts and the artist, as well as the athlete and their fame. But in order to feel good about what we were doing, we had to get rid of all references to God and His commandments in our schools and the public arena.

In November, we will have to choose a president for the next four years. We do not have much of a choice! Neither candidate seems strong enough to bring us back from the brink.It is my belief that if God does not intervene, and the people do not repent, we will never recover four more years under any president. We have dug a pit and fallen into it. May God, who is altogether good and merciful, yet show us mercy.

Billie C. Bandstra