Letters to the Editor

As senator, Rubio failed Floridians

Marco Rubio did nothing for Floridians during his 5.5 years as senator. Rubio became a senator not to work for the people of Florida but rather to work for the 1 percent by running for president of the U.S.

That is in fact what he did for the past 5.5 years. What legislation did you pass? How have you helped Floridians in any meaningful way, Mr. Rubio? You couldn’t even carry the State of Florida in your bid for the presidency. Does that not place you where you belong? Unemployed?

You even voted to allow people on the terrorist watch list to buy any amount of weapons whenever they want. You, as a supposed tough on terror mentality, can’t see the hypocrisy of allowing terrorists to having guns.

You are a hypocrite. The type of Republican that a majority of Americans want to get out of Washington, D.C.

Term limits is the only way to get rid of the gridlock in Washington, D.C. We need adults who have common sense, adults who do not stick with the party line over what majorities of Americans want, common sense gun reform.

You received over $174,000 a year to do a job. You chose to do nothing while running for the highest office ... an office that you were never qualified to do.

Katherine McDonald