Letters to the Editor

U.S. needs to reclaim liberty

June 23, 2016 shall forever be known as Independence Day in Britain. Two hundred and forty years ago British colonists made the same decision in America. The British people are to be congratulated for their decision.

Unfortunately, a large number of U.S. citizens have lost the light of liberty in their hearts. Our country is paying a huge price for their decision.

With the loss of the burning desire for freedom and independence, we have lost the drive that made the U.S. a great nation. Those who have lost the light of liberty in their hearts have allowed themselves to willingly become dependents of the government.

Two hundred and forty years ago the people of this country possessed the drive to create their own country and become the most successful country ever known to man. Since that time the lure of gifts promised by politicians bought with the taxes paid by others has grown from a hand up to a way of life.

Many have heard the siren song of politicians and willingly allowed the spirit of independence to be smothered by the fraudulent gifts of government.

In this election cycle, we are beginning to see a change in the mood of Americans. In the upcoming choice for president, we are seeing two choices that are polar opposites. We can choose to continue down the road that has given us a nation in decline that is dictated by the wishes of a few who have surreptitiously taken control of the government. Or, we can begin the long, difficult task of removing the powerful few who are buying our politicians and again learn the difficult and rewarding task of independence.

Let us attach ourselves to the momentum of the Brexit and once again experience the thrill of freedom and independence.

James Troxler