Letters to the Editor

Obama useless in war on terrorism

Belleville News-Democrat

In the June 16th letters to the editor, the preponderant opinion was that guns are the reason for the massacre by the Islamic terrorist at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando.

This seems to be a naive and one-dimensional idea.

There are several reasons that explain this comment. First, there are millions of privately owned guns in American that when in the hands of non-Islamic terrorists kill no one. The guns only become deadly in the hands of the terrorist.

Second, there have been many more Islamic murders of Americans with things that were not guns. Should airplanes and pressure cookers be banned?

In countries where guns are banned, Islamic terrorists can easily buy them on the black market or use some other deadly device. If 10 percent of the patrons at the Pulse nightclub had been armed with a firearm, there likely would been much different outcome.

One logical explanation for the increasing problem of mass murders by Islamic terrorists is there is no leadership from America’s commander-in-chief. The president is devoid of any knowledge, experience, or skill in fighting the Islamic threat. In the seven years he has been in charge of the military, the safety of this nation has swiftly deteriorated.

People who are in positions of highest leadership of America take an oath to protect and defend the nation. The president is helpless and will doubtfully improve in the next few months. The Congress and the military have the same responsibility to defend the nation.

For these reasons, the Congress must remove this incompetent, inept, lame-duck president and move forward with a strategy based on military skill to defeat the terrorist.

In addition, we cannot replace the current bungling commander-in-chief with a like-minded president if we have any hopes of defeating our terrorist enemy!

James Troxler