Letters to the Editor

Kindness worth more than gold

Susan Timmins
Susan Timmins Provided photo

Just finished reading Susan Timmins’ June 12 column “Try a little kindness. It always matters,” in the Bradenton Herald. It reminded me of the lack of kindness that my mother endured throughout her childhood.

My mother lost both of her parents to sickness by the age of 9. No members of her family adopted her. She was placed in several private homes where she was abused and beaten. She never had the opportunity to witness family love or caring that a child should be entitled to.

At the age of 18 she got a job in a mental institution cleaning and doing janitorial work in exchange for room and board. At night she took courses in cosmetology. She went to work in a beauty shop with the promise of taking over the business in two years. Instead, the owner sold out to another person and left my mother without a job. She rented a small room in the back of a feed and farm supply store.

Her caring personality and excellent work as a beautician led her to having the most successful hair salon in her hometown.

I can’t put into words the kindness, love and caring she gave her three sons along with necessary discipline while growing up. (This while working long hours in her business.)

I don’t recall her ever speaking badly of anyone. When people were in need she was always the first one there to help and comfort them. I often think if everyone developed that attitude of kindness and caring how much better the world would be.

Thank you, Susan, for your beautiful article. Also, thanks to my wonderful mother. She lived to age 94 and I often think this was in part due to all the kindness and love she showed to everyone.

Dr. Charles F. Hudson