Letters to the Editor

Water park plan in wrong place

I cannot help but agree with the recent letter by Cindy Metz. Personally, I do believe that this Lost Lagoon Corporation can find 20 acres of vacant land somewhere else other than usurping our beautiful park land for commercial use.

A water park is definitely not the answer for this area. I would like to see more discussion of this before a decision is made by our county commissioners. There is enough useful commercial development in this particular area already, as mentioned in Ms. Metz’s letter. What is left of “nature” must be protected, not used for profit. That is not what park land is for.

You may be aware that the traffic on SR 64 has increased quite a bit with all the additions in the past year alone. Can you imagine how the traffic will increase if we invade Tom Bennett Park? Many visitors use this area to park their RVs and trailer homes along Cypress Creek Boulevard. Plus, there are two gates to private communities at the end of this road that will be affected.

There is too much to lose here if this development is given the green light!

Joan Shirey