Letters to the Editor

Decline in trust ruining country

Trustworthy is a word seldom used today or for that matter in this century. Maybe one reason is the decline, over 32 percent since 2009, in membership of our Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts of America. Why? Maybe it was because they wanted gays in the scouts.

Now, let’s take a look at our politicians. Survey says: More and more people today in the USA don’t trust our political leaders than ever before.

Do we trust anyone today? What about your spouse? Do you trust her or him today as much as when you first fell in love? Think about it. What about your relatives? I believe we all have some relatives which are a little shady.

I just read an article in AARP Magazine about a $60 billion dollar Medicare fraud. Can we trust our doctors?

Now here is another fact: Our news media has diverted the real stories to fit their own political side of the fence. Does the New York Times speak badly about Hillary Clinton? How about the Chicago Tribune beating up on Donald Trump? Who can we trust? How about the policemen? The stats say over 95 percent are trustworthy. What about our firemen? The stats say we can trust over 94 percent. These people rank higher than any other group in America.

Let’s not forget greed, the No. 1 thing that is destroying America. If this country doesn’t get a grip on the mindset of the human race in America, soon we will collapse as a nation.

Trust is the defensive line. Where have our church leaders gone? Our church attendance on any given Sunday has dropped to less than 30 percent of our total population.

Our country is in a panic due to the latest attack in Orlando. Who’s next? Fear is now in our backyard.

Sam Black