Letters to the Editor

Tara bridge means change

The arguments, which have been brewing for more then several years, on whether the Tara bridge should be built, has very strong and valid points for both sides. Those who want the bridge is to alleviate traffic and have better access for emergency vehicles. The Tara residents believe the noise and traffic will destroy the area.

We all know what happened to the area now that the Fort Hamer bridge is being built. It had nothing to do with alleviating traffic from Interstate 75 but to build more homes and to handle that added traffic.

My little point: A little town in the eastern panhandle of West Virginia is suffering because 18-wheelers are cutting 30 miles from their route when accessing the bridge to cut through this town. The traffic is horrendous. The road is constantly in repair. The noise is constant. Traffic accidents not only involving vehicles but children.

This is a public road and anyone can use it no matter how large your vehicle. Tara Bridge will be a public bridge. It will give access to any vehicle, travel anytime and no restrictions on how many.

County commissioners and planning have a tough decision on their hands. Hopefully, they will know how to keep everyone happy without losing the appeal of what the Tara residents bought into. It is not only Tara, but Cooper Creek as well.

Elizabeth M. Sullivan

East Manatee