Letters to the Editor

Lobby Florida lawmakers for passage of campus carry of guns bill

For those of you who don't know my name, I am the on-campus rape survivor from FSU who publicly advocates for the campus carry bill.

Unfortunately for our Second Amendment rights, two senators blocked the bill from moving forward despite it being passed in the House. Those two are Sen. Miguel Diaz de la Portilla and Sen. Andy Gardiner, who would not even allow a vote.

I am disgusted that those who are opposed to gun rights claim that they support women when they only support women who agree with them. Ironically, most of those who oppose gun rights are those who support our right to choose -- they just don't support the way we choose to protect ourselves.

I will never say that I speak for all women; I speak for myself. I simply believe we should be given a choice in how we defend ourselves.

A gun would've helped in my situation, and if I ever were to be put in a similar situation again, I'd want to legally have my gun with me. Look up FDLE's numbers on CWFL (concealed weapons/firearms license) holders and see how extremely law abiding we are!

If you believe that allowing guns on campus will put guns in the hands of rapists, you are wrong. If a rapist wanted to use a gun on campus, they will do so regardless of the law.

By preventing campus carry, you are preventing people like me from properly defending ourselves from criminals who disregard the law and sanctity of human life anyway.

Write your local politicians and ensure they will support campus carry next session. If they won't, and they're up for election, vote them out for someone who will. Support campus carry and support a woman's right to choose -- to choose how to defend herself the way she sees fit!

Shayna Lopez-Rivas