Letters to the Editor

Ex-Manatee County schools superintendent only trying to exact revenge

Vengeance, thy name is Mills. In his Nov. 22 letter criticizing school board member Dave "Watchdog" Miner, Mills proves himself to be worthy of a role in a Shakespearean tragedy. He is the deposed malevolent king who cannot accept that his plot to exert tyrannical control over our schools was exposed -- largely by Mr. Miner.

Miner was elected to be our "Watchdog" on the school board, not to surrender the interests of our children and our community for the sake of getting along with others. Anyone who knows Miner understands that.

In the upcoming election, developers and other power brokers will try to buy Miner's school board seat by lavishly funding other candidates. Keep a close eye on donations and you will see who owns them.

Miner cannot be owned. As a Marine in Vietnam and as a community leader, he took an oath that means everything to him. He would never dishonor it by selling out to the likes of Mills and his cronies.

Unfortunately, for too long other board members did just that, and much damage was done. Among the victims was Bob Gagnon. Anyone interested in the viciousness of Mills and his cronies, including current and former board members, should read the amended complaint filed in his lawsuit against the district. It is available on the Clerk of the Court web site.

As stated in the complaint, Mills and his cronies engaged in "horrific and malicious conduct ... to destroy a man's name, character, future, and well-being." Gagnon devoted his life and career to the students of Manatee County.

However, from the time Mills was hired, he directed that Gagnon be "repeatedly harassed and investigated." It was a baseless witch hunt.

Mills has no credibility and should be ignored. Miner and Gagnon are the heroes.

Scott Bassett