Letters to the Editor

Before development, save wildlife with relocations

I ask the community to please encourage Mr. Whiting Preston and associates to work with wildlife groups and the county to try to trap most of the wildlife to be affected by Lake Flores and other upcoming "clearing" of land, and relocate these animals to wild lands.

Today I picked up my second hawk in two weeks. The first was dead, but today the hawk looked me in the eye as I picked it up west of Lee Middle School on 53rd Avenue West, near 51st Street right next to where the bucket truck was ripping out all the foliage that's grown for decades along the ditch. I took the hawk straight to the vet, and will learn later if it is OK.

Although the brush and Brazilian pepper trees along 53rd Avenue West are not considered "natural" habitat, wild birds and other animals have adapted to living there.

These two birds, plus the dead armadillo and several possums I saw last week, are just a mini-sign of the carnage to come on the roadway, unless some of these animals are captured and relocated. Please help if you can.

I would have sent this request directly to Mr. Preston but did not know how to contact him quickly.

Peggy Dickson