Letters to the Editor

Time to rise, oppose Obama veto of National Defense Authorization Act


I am a veteran and terribly dismayed by President Obama's veto of the National Defense Authorization Act, which was a bipartisan bill. This bill would provide the vital resources our military must have to efficiently defend our nation.

This veto is tragic with dire consequences for the safety of our nation, both from foreign and domestic enemies, sad to say.

In addition, our allies are also negatively impacted. Our enemies see this as weakness, a further deterioration of our world leadership.

The rationale for his veto is political. He is holding our military hostage to enhance bureaucratic programs, his social agenda and, vital to him, his legacy.

Obama swore to upheld the U.S. Constitution to protect our country from all enemies. The defense of our country must come first, before a politically driven agenda. Without military supremacy, our economy and our very way of life is seriously threatened.

Security must be our first objective before spending untold billions on social programs! We cannot protect our way of life without the strongest military in the world.

I am suggesting that we as citizens must form a groundswell to protect our nation from a misguided president's action. We need to contact our congressional leaders and forcefully state that the president's veto must be overridden. Your vote in the 2016 elections will also be a driving force to get Congress's attention.

I had, and still have, a tremendous pride and respect for our military. Our military has protected our nation through countless wars. We must provide the resources now, before it is too late.

Our collective groundswell can be the driving force to protect our country. Call your congressman and demand action. The power of our people cannot be ignored. Call today.

John J. Martin

Bradenton Beach