Letters to the Editor

Ample blame to spread around in failure to rescue Janiya from abuse, death

Janiya Thomas
Janiya Thomas

More than the Social System failed Janiya Thomas and her four other innocent siblings born to Keishanna Thomas.

After reading all the deplorable abuse and conditions that Janiya and other siblings had to suffer, I see several negligent parties responsible: CPI investigators, Children's Legal Services, Manatee home school program, and the Manatee County Sheriff's Office Child Protective Investigation Divisions.

I am sure the public will want to know who is to be held accountable! As RNs, we are held accountable for our care and actions involving the patients entrusted to us.

How could the CPI investigator, in June 2014, close the case because Keishanna was being "non-compliant?" I would think because of that, CPI would visit more often. Just when the children, especially Janiya, needed an "advocate" the most, there was no one there for her.

How can we let our children be home-schooled without the person who is going to be the teacher not meet some kind of knowledge criteria? Checking on the home-schooled child's progress once a year is ludicrous. No wonder the parents that abuse children in a home-school environment can get away with committing so much deadly sin for so long.

What about the relatives in the home where the freezer was dropped off by Keishanna Thomas and a boyfriend. If they were so anxious to break into that freezer when they heard of Janiya's disappearance, they must have had an idea of abuse to Janiya.

"It takes a village to raise a child." We all need to be proactive in reporting any abuse we see to innocent children.

Hoping that my letter inspires the public to be vigilant in protecting our children from abuse!

Mary Anne Morris, RN