Letters to the Editor

Man-made climate change is a myth that lacks scientific facts


After 19 straight years of no measurable global warming, I find it incongruous that we still have seemingly educated persons crusading against mythical, man-made global warming, cleverly re-branded as "climate change."

Such an absurd and costly charade, attempting to use all weather variations as evidence of global warming, continues in spite of the absence of statistically significant empirical evidence.

Climate change is inevitable, uncontrollable and unpredictable. Thus, trying to control an always-changing climate is as foolish and futile as trying to control a hurricane or a volcano or, for that matter, attempting to make birth control retroactive.

Delusional, computer-model-driven climate change busy-work, put forth as climate science, is not scientific fact, is not scientific evidence, and is not even prediction, but simply speculative fear-mongering based upon scary computer scenarios.

Unfortunately, sitting in front of a computer for more than 20 years tends to make one believe almost anything that appears on the screen. However, global warming disasters exist only in deeply flawed and non-validated computer models, tools of political scientists addicted to billions of our tax dollars (nearly $200 billion during the past 20 years) that ignore natural influences on temperature and climate. Nature does not play such computer games.

One wonders when government will stop spending money we don't have, employing people we don't elect, to solve a problem that doesn't exist!

Manny S. Medeiros, Jr.