Letters to the Editor

Florida law doesn't require golf cart registration, insurance for street use

I read the Oct. 28 letter to the editor regarding "golf carts" on public roads ("Seniors merit right to drive golf carts on public roads"). I live near Ellenton, which seems to be golf cart capital of Manatee County.

It becomes a challenge for other drivers to avoid hitting them on the roads going 5 mph, especially on Highway 301.

What bothers me are several concerns: They pay no registration fees, no insurance, which is required on the public roads, which means most of them are "uninsurable." They take up the sidewalks where you can't walk or ride a bicycle on them.

They take valuable parking spaces at restaurants, supermarkets, etc. I own several vehicles and a boat and two trailers and I must pay for the registration and insure my vehicle, which is required by law.

Why are golf cart owners exempt from registering and insuring the vehicles they drive on public roads and sidewalks?

Harry Viescas