Letters to the Editor

Pitch Manatee as new home for Tampa Bay Rays baseball team


I was watching a Tampa Bay Rays game on TV a couple of months ago. "The Trop" was like a ghost town, with scores of empty seats. News has it that the Rays want "out."

I have just the solution for them: Move them to Manatee!

Build a new stadium on the site of DeSoto Square. There's more than ample space for the facility and parking. If you look at a Google Earth map of the mall area, you scale the mall to McKechnie Field and see what I mean.

The development and exposure for the area would be fantastic. New restaurants, shops, etc., not to mention the potential for an All-Star game, playoffs, a World Series. Even the possibility of hosting a college bowl game like Yankee Stadium does.

This would also put Manatee County and Bradenton on TV fairly often, and for better reasons.

William Battersby