Letters to the Editor

Volunteers needed to help out on two-day event providing free health care for Manatee County poor, uninsured

Manatee County has always been a caring community. Now is the time for us to show just how caring we are.

A great program is being brought to Florida for the first time ever and it will be held in Manatee County! Thanks to the efforts of our citizens, Glen Gibellina and Dr. Richard Conard, a major event to treat the poor and uninsured is coming Nov. 21-22.

Remote Area Medical will treat dental issues, test eyes and provide glasses, and conduct medical evaluations and other medical services for free.

Volunteers are needed!

I have many friends who tell me they are not medical and don't know if they can volunteer. All can participate. There are needs to register patients, help feed volunteers and patients, and many other duties that I do not know.

Dentists are needed and any medical professionals licensed in the State of Florida are welcome. Organizer project patients could number 800-1,000 over two days.

Before we celebrate Thanksgiving the following week, please consider volunteering to help our less fortunate who may not be able to celebrate the holidays.

To sign up for this event, register at ramusa.org. Once your registered, sign up for the event in Bradenton on Nov. 21-22.

Thanks to all who organized this.

Carol Whitmore, Manatee County Commissioner

Holmes Beach