Letters to the Editor

Keeping guns concealed a better deterent to criminals


It has been proposed that Florida citizens who have a concealed weapons permit may be allowed to carry that weapon in the open on a belt holster in plain view.

I believe in freedom and individual rights, but I just want to say that I question the wisdom of citizens carrying weapons in the open.

There are other rights to be considered. Many of our fellow citizens are afraid of weapons.

It is also easy to explain to small children why a police officer must have a weapon, but it would be difficult to explain to a child why other folks are carrying around guns.

I can have my weapon out and ready in seconds if needed, God forbid. I am simply not convinced that by carrying exposed guns in a holster, a firearm would reduce crime and help keep law-abiding citizens safe. That's really the point, is it not?

I've been through the process. People from all walks of life, men and woman, carry concealed weapons. Law-abiding citizens who have made up their mind that they are willing to defend themselves, their families and other citizens if they absolutely had to do so.

Criminals don't have permits and they should be prosecuted if they are carrying weapons on our streets. Law-abiding gun carriers should conceal their weapons so as to not alarm children and fellow citizens who do not have the mindset to carry a weapon.

Criminals would not know who has a weapon and who does not. Believe me, someone around you has a legal weapon and you would be advised not to commit a violent crime in their presence. That's the benefit of keeping the law as it is.

James Sweeny