Letters to the Editor

Doubling of Obamacare fine for lack of health policy a travesty for the poor

The Telegraph

I am responding to the Oct. 20 "Health law fine on uninsured to double" article by Ricardo Alonso-Zaldivar.

It makes no sense to punish the poor who cannot afford health insurance by burdening them with fines (penalties). Most of the poor have difficulty deciding whether to pay rent, utilities, etc., or buy groceries, purchase clothing or seek medical help as needed. The government was not set up to go into business and financially rape the citizens of our once great nation.

Doubling the fines will not work because poor people cannot magically increase their income to accommodate the law. It only creates more chaos in their lives and adds stress to their families.

There is no debtors prison. To tax them is a disgrace in and of itself. To keep their IRS refunds and take it from their Social Security benefits is thievery committed by the government in the guise of the IRS.

Slavery isn't over, it just transferred to the poor of all ethnic groups living in the United States of America.

Mr. Obama, (I cannot call you "president"), give up all you own, live within the pay scale of the poor people and let us fine you when you do not have insurance.

Vernetta Skinner