Letters to the Editor

Two organizations - NRA, Americans for Tax Reform - thwarting vital legislation


There are two closely linked organizations working in a concerted effort to undermine the effectiveness of our system of government. These are the National Rifle Association and Americans for Tax Reform.

The latter group is headed by Grover Norquist, who is also a director of the NRA. Huge financial support for these groups is provided by the Koch brothers, who are billionaires.

These are very well organized entities that have combined to foster the impasse that characterizes all the inaction taken in Congress by Republican representatives in both houses.

The American people are being held hostage by this cabal in their nefarious work to stymie legislation necessary for the vitality of our country.

The Second Amendment is long overdue for a rewrite. It is not 1776 anymore. Wake up!

Special interest groups must be more concerned about the health and wealth of our nation rather than the prosperity of the 1 percent. Enough already!

Herbert Martenson